Future Links November 18th 2014

Today our news roundup from the printing industry covers a new way to print electronics, a look at the challenges of medical printing, the target audience for mass-customized cosmetics, Fujifilm’s new Jet Press 720S, a guide to evaluating ink providers, the week’s top packaging projects and a new line of environmentally friendly packaging for UK cafés.

Engineers print electronics on a T-shirt printer
Researchers at Nanyang Technological University (NTU Singapore) hail it as a big step toward the mass production of cheap disposable electronic circuits. They managed to print electronic circuits in layers on everyday flexible materials such as aluminum foil, plastic and paper, using a common T-shirt printer.
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Examining the challenges of medical 3D printing
The advancements in medical 3D printing in the last few years have been stunning and the excitement about this new field has been great. In a highly informative article, the New Yorker medical writer and author Jerome Groopman takes and in-depth look at the field, covering the history, recent breakthroughs and future possibilities.
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Target audience for mass customized cosmetics revealed
Harvard business graduate Grace Choi has garnered a lot of attention for her Mink 3D printer that lets people use photographs to find exactly the shade of color for their ideal make-up that they can then print at home. Now, Choi has given more details about how she wants to turn her idea into a business. Her product is aimed at 13-21 year old girls and young women. By targeting this market, she hopes to change the face of makeup by growing and evolving her company along with her target audience.
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Fujifilm presents the new Jet Press 720S
Fujifilm has launched the next generation of its B2 sheetfed inkjet press, the Jet Press 720S, which features a number of enhancements over the Mk1 machine including the ability to handle variable data. According to Fuji, the new machine has faster color correction when changing paper types, down from 20 minutes to three, and an image data transfer rate twice that of the old machine.
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How to evaluate ink providers
Choosing an ink provider is a complicated process. FESPA has selected several criteria to consider when choosing an ink manufacturer. They include compatibility, application and customer service.
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Top packaging projects with eye-catching color
The Dieline presents the Top 10 packaging and design projects of the week, including the Juice Bubble and Lacoste. This time, the editorial team chose ideas that focused on a creative, inspiring or attention-grabbing use of color.
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New environmentally friendly packaging line for cafés
UK-based eco packaging specialist Biopac has developed a range of environment-friendly disposables for the Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA). The SRA aims to improve sustainability standards of cafes across the UK.
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