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Today our news roundup from the printing industry covers key questions to guide one’s 3D printing strategy, green printing as a growing trend, ways in which 3D printing can disrupt supply chains, Roland DG’s new low cost wide format printer, how a podcast led to success in the 3D printing business, the resignation of 3D Systems’ CEO and points to consider when designing sustainable packaging.

Key questions to guide one’s 3D printing strategy
An increasing number of companies from different sectors are adding 3D printing to their capabilities. Since industrial 3D printers require a significant investment in terms of time and money, the equipment and training needs to correspond with the overall strategic goals. This article lays out five questions that can help defining one’s 3D printing strategy.
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Green printing is a growing trend among most businesses
Many businesses are trying to become more sustainable and the printing industry is no exception. Those who market themselves as green printers seem to be gaining an edge in the printing industry. Business leaders are educating the public on green printing solutions, and more people are embracing the benefits they offer.
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Ways in which 3D printing can disrupt supply chains
3D printing often requires less lead time than other manufacturing methods and enables smaller manufacturing runs. It also allows for customization and individualization. All these factors can disrupt the supply chain and require changes in how inventory and product lines are managed.
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Roland DG introduces low cost wide format printer
The new Roland DG Soljet EJ-640 wide format inkjet printer was developed for high volume print companies looking to increase speed and throughput but reduce costs. The manufacturer of wide format inkjet printers and cutters says the signage and durable graphics market print companies will get most advantage from the new printer, as it uses low cost inks.
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3D printing experts use podcasts to build a following
It seems counterintuitive: Using an audio medium to promote a highly visual product. But the two co-founders of Hazz Design Consulting managed to do just that. They grew their business significantly with the help of podcast episodes. The name of their podcast is WTFFF? The FFF is a play on words and stands for Fused Filament Fabrication.
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3D Systems CEO steps down
Avi Reichental is no longer the President, CEO, or Director of 3D Systems. The Board has created an Executive Management Committee, which will manage the company with Charles Hull, the Co-founder, Director, and CTO of the company, who will serve as the Chairman of the Committee. Andrew Johnson, the firm’s Chief Legal Officer, will serve as Interim President and CEO, while continuing in his previous role.
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Developing sustainable packaging solutions
A holistic view looking at packaging from raw materials to recycling opportunities is needed when looking for sustainable solutions. In discussing what is meant by a sustainable package, it is important to understand that its primary function must be to protect the food or beverage it contains, and deliver it safely to the consumer, surviving all the challenges of the supply chain. An article on Packaging Europe looks at other factors to consider.
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