Future Links November 24th 2014

Today our news roundup from the printing industry covers 3D System’s new 3D printers, the cooperation between Adobe and Moleskine, new workshops at Antalis’ digital academy, Australian research on the power of print advertising, the techniques and equipment needed for printing white ink, peak packaging Monday and research in Spain showing migration from food ink.

3D Systems unveils new industrial 3D printers
Just before EuroMold, the largest 3D trade show in Europe, 3D Systems has presented its new 3D printers, the ProX 400, the the ProX 800 and the ProX 500 Plus. With these three printers, 3D Systems is strengthening its design and manufacturing portfolio. 3D Systems‘ design and manufacturing revenue represented more than 92% of the company’s total revenue, and unit sales increased by 57% year over year.
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Adobe and Moleskine cooperate to create an integrated design process
Adobe and Moleskine are launching a series of notebooks that can be used to turn handwriting and design into digital vector files for use on Adobe’s Creative Suite. The collaboration aims at integrating the design process and turn sketches into editable .svg files.
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Antalis’ digital academy with new workshops
Antalis’ digital academy offers a color management workshop and a Roland LEF-20 better business bootcamp in the coming weeks. The training courses are presented by industry experts and are for people who want to expand their knowledge on large format and sign & display printing.
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Australian research firm says print is most powerful
The Australian market researcher Roy Morgan has shown again that heavy print media users are more likely to be above average income earners, better educated than radio and TV consumers and are more likely to be big spenders. The research also showed that those who are heavy magazine and catalogue readers are more open to trying new products.
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The ins and outs of printing white ink
Printing with white ink is a complex process that many try to master. In an article on FESPA’s website, Siobhán Sacker, discusses the power of printing in white and explains some of the techniques and products necessary to achieve the desired look.
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Peak packaging Monday – e-commerce drives demand
The demand for corrugated boards, mailing bags, tapes and other packing supplies has been growing steadily over the last few years as more and more consumers have used e-commerce outlets for their Christmas shopping. Figures from the UK’s leading corrugated board manufacturer show a 30-35 percent increase in sales in Q4.
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Spanish researchers detect migration from food inks
Scientists studying the migration of ink components to food contact materials (FCMs) found 24 chemicals that transfer from the outer surface of multilayer packaging materials to food during storage. The researchers from the University of Zaragoza in Spain studied ink migration from several multilayer materials to two food simulants. Seventeen out of the 24 migrants found came from a material made up of ink, polyethylene terephthalate (PET), aluminum and polyethylene.
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