Future Links November 25th 2014

Here are our daily links with the most important news from the printing industry. Today they feature book publishing executives on the staying power of print, ways retailers can pressure their suppliers to use 3D printing, new breakthroughs in printed electronics, tips for continuous process improvements, paper with embedded LEDs, Ricoh’s new high volume digital presses and the greater role of digital printing in embossed printing processes.

Book publishers on the staying power of print
Nowadays, printers must demonstrate new ways for publishers to reduce inventory and distribution costs by leveraging the latest printing technology and adopting more efficient workflows. Book Business Magazine asked the leading book manufacturers for tips on capitalizing on digital printing, integrating publisher and printer systems, and minimizing total supply chain costs.
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Retailers can pressure suppliers to switch to 3D printing
A Wired UK article discusses how retailers can legally force their suppliers to switch to 3D printing. “In many cases suppliers have given digital rights to objects they sell [for marketing purposes] and that extends to CAD design”, says Authentise-founder Andre Wegner.
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Printed electronics from a 3D printer
Printing functional electronic devices has been a vision pursued by many engineers and scientists. A team of Princeton researchers recently managed to make quantum dot LEDs (and thus semiconductors) using only a 3D printer. The scientists choose printable electrodes, polymers and semiconductors, which are dissolved in solvents to keep them from damaging underlying layers during the printing process; after that, the team uses design software to print the materials in interweaving patterns.
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Tips for continuous process improvement
What They Think-contributor Jane Mugford shares six tips how printers can initiate and sustain a culture of continuous process improvement in their businesses. They include building a team dedicated to the initiative, milestone setting and measuring.
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Paper that lights up its surroundings (literally)
Idaho-based start-up Rohinni is working on a technology that embeds lights into paper-thin materials. To create LightPaper, Rohinni combines ink and small LED lights and prints them out in one single conductive layer. The paper is meant for uses in gadgets, as wallpaper and for a myriad of other applications.
More at Business Insider

Ricoh introduces new high volume digital presses
Ricoh is releasing the Ricoh Pro C9100 and C9110, a new generation of durable high volume digital presses for heavy production, which will print up to 130 pages per minute. They are suited for larger commercial printers who are seeking to start up or expand their hybrid digital and offset setup.
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Digital technologies make their way into embossed printing
Embossed printing was long dominated by screen printing and so a certain degree by gravure and flexo processes. Now, this segment comes under pressure from digital technologies that offer greater flexibility and cost savings.
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