Future Links November 5th

Here are our daily links with the most important news from the printing industry. Today they feature online fashion print design, MakerBot’s faster printing speeds, promising work on 3D printed stem cells, Coke’s white cans and other packaging perceptions, Cacades investment to better recycle plastic, a 3D printed car for 53000 USD and new on the drupa blog: Now serving – short stories to go.

Fashion print design with the click of a mouse
The fashion online platform Print all Over Me has always believed in customizing fashionable clothes for its customers. Now, it is taking the concept one step further. Through a collaboration with the Processing Foundation, it now offers its customers the opportunity to create unique patterns with the click of a mouse or tap on a keyboard.
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MakerBot announces faster printing speeds
Good news for those who can’t wait for faster printing speeds: MakerBot, the Brooklyn-based manufacturer of desktop 3D printers, announced that its latest software upgrade will make its printers churn out 3D-printed designs 30 % faster than before. MakerBot achieves this by faster turns of the extruder during printing and a new one-click option that initiates the printing process faster.
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Scientists come a step closer to printing stem cells
Researchers have found a way to combine 3D printing with the promising work on stem cells. In their study published in the journal Biofabrication, scientists from Tsinghua University in Beijing, China and Drexel University in Philadelphia show that they have developed a method to 3D print the building blocks of embryonic stem cells. They hope the procedure could be used in the future to efficiently produce uniform building blocks of embryonic stem cells used to build larger tissues and micro-organs.
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Coke’s white can and other packaging perceptions
More and more research is pointing toward the fact that packaging affects the way consumers experience the taste of food and beverages. When Coke designed a white can as part of a fundraising effort to protect polar bears, consumers thought the company had changed the recipe. They complained about the taste and Coke discontinued the white can.
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Cacades invests to make food packaging from recycled plastic
Canadian packaging specialist Cascades is investing 4.5 million USD into two plants that make food packaging from recycled plastic. The investment will allow the company to better meet customers‘ requirements and offer high-quality packaging. The goal of the investment is to increase market share and reduce the environmental footprint.
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First 3D printed car hits the market
When Local Motors presented its first 3D printed car last year, it was a proof of concept. Now, Local Motors is demonstrating that 3D printed cars are a viable option for car manufacturers. The LM3D Swim will be available for pre-order for 53000 USD in spring of 2016. Moreover, the company will also be unveiling subsequent models in the LM3D line throughout next year, with plans to ship their first fleet of road-ready vehicles in 2017.
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New on the drupa blog: Now serving – short stories to go
Research has shown that many people snack not because they are hungry but because they are bored. French publisher Short Édition has now invented a healthier alternative: Vending machines that print out short fiction instead of dispensing sweets and soft drinks.
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