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Today our news roundup from the printing industry covers Nike’s future 3D printed sneakers, a close look at solvent inks, Voodoo Manufacturing’s success, Taiwan’s industrial metal 3D printing system, nutrition facts on labels of alcoholic beverages, Stratasys’ and Adobe’s partnership and Yishai Amir’s appointment as Landa’s CEO.

Nike’s COO sees 3D printed sneakers in the future
It seems like now is the time to make bold predictions. Nike’s COO, Eric Sprunk, said that customers may be able to print their customized sneakers at home in the near future. At an industry event, he talked about Nike’s Flyknit technology. Based on what Nike is already doing with Flyknit, Sprunk says the ability for consumers to 3D print a pair of sneakers is close at hand.
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A close look at eco solvent inks
The name may be a bit misleading: Eco solvent inks aren’t necessarily eco-friendly, but they contain lighter and milder solvents than their conventional counterparts. Eco solvent inks have a relatively low VOC content and are even usable in studio and office environments as long as there is adequate ventilation. An article on FESPA’s website takes a close look at recent developments in the area of eco solvent inks and points out advantages and disadvantages.
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Voodoo Manufacturing is profitable with 3D printing
The idea is simple: Four former Makerbot employees got together and raised 300,000 USD to build a 3D manufacturing center called Voodoo Manufacturing with 125 Makerbots. The 125 3D printers run in tandem and are controlled by a central server. The company has printed over 25,000 pieces so far for clients like Universal, Viacom, and Chipotle and is, according to the company, profitable.
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Taiwanese researchers unveil industrial metal printing 3D system
Scientists at the National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology in Taiwan have developed a complete industrial 3D printing metal system. The 250 x 250 x 250 mm metal 3D printing system includes an independent and tested 500 W laser, according to the institute. It is targeted at applications for aerospace and defense.
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Crown Royal debuts nutrition facts on alcohol labels
Calories, alcohol content, carbohydrates, fat and protein information on the label of an alcoholic beverage? It seems to be happening. Crown Royal has included this information on its label and Diageo plans to include this information on other brands as well. The labels also provide information on serving size and the number of drinks a bottle contains.
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Stratasys and Adobe team up
3D printing company Stratasys has announced that it is partnering with Adobe to bring high quality, color 3D printing to creatives around the world. The two companies are joining forces to eliminate the workflow and product barriers that prevent creative professionals from easily transforming their designs into vibrant and durable color 3D printed models. As the first step Adobe Photoshop CC users will be able to send 3D files for production through Stratasys Direct Express.
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Yishai Amir appointed as Landa’s CEO
The Landa Group has appointed Yishai Amir as CEO of Landa Corporation and a member of its Board of Directors. He has also been named Group Vice Chairman. Benny Landa, founder of the Landa Group, continues as its active Chairman. Amir has more than 20 years’ experience in the digital print industry and held senior positions with HP.
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