Future Links September 15th 2014

Here are our daily links with the most important news from the printing industry. Today they feature X-rays on paper, new 3D printing software by Autodesk, the important role of ink additives, plastic pellets instead of filaments for 3D printers, a 60 million USD contract for R.R. Donnelley, the first drive by a 3D printed car and two new products introduced by Swiss finishing equipment manufacturer Kern.

X-rays on paper promise big savings
Ricoh India has developed a printing solution that can print medical images like X-Rays, CT, MRI or Ultrasound images on plain paper instead of films. The Ricoh MPC2003SP printer has been specifically customized for this process. Using plain paper not only drives down costs, it also reduces the need for chemical-based film processing and equipment. The paper can be shredded and recycled.
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Autodesk presents 3D printing software
Autodesk has unveiled an open 3D printing software platform that aims to make the process more reliable, simpler and easier to control, according to Autodesk. The company also announced that it will present a 3D printer as a reference implementation of the software later this year.
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Ink additives play major role in performance
Ink additives come in many forms, as waxes, surfactants, defoamers or countless other products. They can influence how the ink performs and what characteristics are most pronounced. Ink World takes an in-depth look at additives in current and future scenarios.
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Kickstarter project David aims at greater flexibility
David takes a new approach to 3D printing: Instead of filament, David uses plastic pellets to create a wide array of materials, textures and colors. It widens the capabilities of the printer, and provides a readily accessible raw material to work from.
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Crain Communications awards 60 million USD contract to R.R. Donnelley
The Chicago-based printing company with a 150-year-long history announced that it has been awarded a $60 million multi-year agreement by Crain Communications. R.R. Donnelley will produce all 15 U.S.-based Crain publications and provide pre-media, commercial print, international mail and logistics services.
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3D printed car on its first drive
Last week, we brought you the story about Local Motor’s attempt to produce a 3D printed car within at week at the International Manufacturing Technology Show in Chicago. They succeeded: After 44 hours of continuous printing, the car was ready for its first test drive around the show and on the red carpet.
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Kern completes its portfolio with two new products
Swiss finishing equipment manufacturer Kern has unveiled two new inserters at an open house event at its headquarters that attracted hundreds of printers from across the world. The machines are the answers to customer demands that called for machines that can be used flexibly for different envelope sizes.
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