Future Links September 18th 2014

Here are our daily links with the most important news from the printing industry. Today they feature GE affiliate using crowdfunding and 3D printing, a free packaging case study, additive manufacturing saving a company, Epson advancing in mobile printing, edible packaging, an award for a skin printer and Wepa expanding production.

GE affiliate will use crowdfunding and 3D printing
Stratasys has announced its partnership with FirstBuild, a GE affiliate. Together they want to build and commercialize GE appliances by leveraging 3D printing in an open innovation approach to engineering.
More at Stratasys

Free packaging case study
Amsterdam Metallized Products has researched the application of metal effects to packaging in the toothpaste sector. A case study with their conclusions can be downloaded for free.
More at Metallized

How additive manufacturing saved a company
Tangible Solutions was founded around a year ago and has now developed into a successful 3D printing company. In this article, Inside3DP tells the story of how they improved their business by integrating additive manufacturing with their traditional production methods.
More at Inside 3DP

Epson advances in mobile printing
Epson has launched its first Mopria-certified all-in-one printers for home and business. Mopria members are advancing mobile print standards that allow business and home users to print regardless of brand, device or operating system.
More at Epson

Edible packaging – a reality check
Making the container part of your food seems like the right step to counteract the tons of waste caused by packaging. Some companies are trying to develop edible solutions, however they are still facing many challenges.
More at npr

Award for skin printer
The PrintAlive Bioprinter prints complex structures that mimic the epidermal and dermal layers of human skin and can be used to close wounds of severe burn victims. It has now been awarded with the Dyson award.
More at Print Monthly

Wepa expands production
The Wepa Group will be investing in two tissue paper machines for more efficient manufacturing processes and economical use of energy. The machines hold a combined capacity of 64,000 tons annually and will be installed in Lille and Marsberg
More at EUWID Pulp and Paper

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