Future Links September 22nd 2014

Here are our daily links with the most important news from the printing industry. Today they feature 3D printer successfully launched into space, the EU labelling regulations, 3D printing entering the world of medicine, future fossil free barrier, a new China packaging report, Vistaprint entering trade printing and Ricoh joining 3D.

3D printer successfully launched into space
As already mentioned here on Friday, NASA is sending a 3D printer to the International Space Station to test out the capabilities of printing objects in zero gravity conditions. At 1:52 a.m. EST on Sunday its Dragon spacecraft successfully launched on the cargo mission. Not only is this the first 3D printer in space, it might also become the first manufacturing device used off-Earth.
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EU regulations – It’s all in the small print
The AJS blog launched the series ‘It’s all in the small print’ designed to help you get your head around EU Regulation 6911/2011 and the key changes that come into effect on 13th December 2014. This part takes a look at major changes to labelling regulations concerning caffeine labeling, vegetable oils & fats and added water.
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3D printing enters world of medicine
Researchers at Peking University recently used 3D printing to create a titanium vertebra for a 12-year-old Chinese boy with cancer in his spine and Mayo Clinic surgeons implanted a 3D-printed hip in a woman in 2013. In fact, the English research firm IDTechEx estimates the medical market for 3D printers could grow from $141 USD in 2014 to 868 USD million by 2025.
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Future fossil free barrier
According to their own statement, UMV Coating System is about to crack the code of how to coat papers and cardboard with fossil free barriers. This would create the opportunity to produce food packaging that is 100% made up of ­materials from biological materials.
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New China packaging report
Research and Markets has published the “China Packaging Machinery Industry Report 2014 to 2017”. For example, in 2013, China manufactured 109,800 sets of packaging equipment, up 13.46 % year on year, generating total revenue of RMB 27.095 billion.
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Vistaprint enters trade printing
Global online print giant Vistaprint launches a trade-only program for commercial printers in Australia and New Zealand. Under the new scheme, the company is seeking to become not only a supplier of printing to the trade but also provide a large range of promotional and apparel products.
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Ricoh joins 3D
Another big imaging company has entered the 3D market. The Japan based Ricoh Company announced the launch of an additive manufacturing business centered on 3D printers. According to this article, the announcement indicates that this new business is primarily focused on providing a service.
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