Future Links September 2nd 2015

Here are our daily links with the most important news from the printing industry. Today they feature Printing Impression’s Best of Print and Digital customer survey, how print businesses can adopt a stronger sales focus, students’ preference for printed textbooks, a new 3D printing center at the Rochester Institute of Technology, Katjes 3D printed gummy treats, a closer look at digital wide format textile printers and Iggesund’s adopt-a-tree campaign.

Printing Impressions introduces Best of Print & Digital Awards
The customers will be the jury: Printing Impressions has partnered with Butler Street, a leading management consulting, training and research firm, to measure customer loyalty through its Best of Print & Digital Customer Survey. The tool, Net Promoter Score, will be used to identify the companies that best serve their customers. The registration for the survey will officially open September 1st.
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How print businesses shift from a production to a sales focus
For a long time, print businesses focused on optimizing their production facilities and processes by investing in new equipment and by constantly improving their processes. An article on What They Think? suggests that this approach might no longer be sufficient. It recommends adopting a sales focus to be successful in an increasingly competitive market.
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More than two thirds of college students prefer textbooks to ebooks
Seven out of ten college students prefer print textbooks to ebooks, according to a survey conducted by Direct Textbook, the world’s most comprehensive textbook price comparison engine. More than 500 active college students completed the survey, which was emailed to Direct Textbook users. The students cited better readability and the ability to physically highlight paragraphs as some of the reasons.
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New 3D printing center opening at Rochester Institute of Technology
The Rochester Institute of Technology is leading a consortium of corporations and universities that will conduct research to advance all areas of 3D printing from methods to materials. The consortium will receive an annual grant of 921,000 USD a year from the Empire State development grant.
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Candy-maker Katjes 3D prints customized gummy treats
Several large food companies including Barilla and Hershey are experimenting with 3D printing technology to make custom-made food. Now, candy-makers Katjes is joining their ranks. It is using a device called the Magic Candy Factory to print gummy treats at their Grün-Ohr café in Berlin. Like the majority of food printers, the Magic Candy Factory relies on extrusion technology, squirting viscous food pastes out of a syringe layer by layer.
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A closer look at digital wide format textile printers
Digital printing is gaining popularity in the graphics, soft signage, home furnishings and garments markets. There are different printers suited for different applications, including latex, UV and solvent printers. Dye sublimation printers are another option. An article on FESPA’s website looks into the pros and cons of each technology for different applications and businesses.
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Iggesund launches adopt-a-tree campaign
Iggesund Paperboard has increased its efforts to draw attention to the importance of reforestation. The company has handed out gift cards to its customers and will plant 10 trees in honor of each person who chooses to activate their card. A forest area ready for replanting in Nianfors in the Swedish province of Hälsingland has been reserved and has space for enough tree seedlings for up to 3.000 customers.
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