Future Links September 30th

Here are our daily links with the most important news from the printing industry. Today they feature Heidelberg’s launch plans for its B1 digital inkjet at drupa, a step toward printing human organs, NASA’s view on the importance of 3D printing for manned space exploration, Fenner Drives’ plans to market NinjaFlex filament internationally, Lintec’s bubble-free adhesive, LumeJet’s plans for a comeback and Bosch Packaging’s vertical bagger.

Heidelberg will launch B1 digital inkjet at drupa
There will be exciting news at next year’s drupa. Here’s one announcement that will certainly get people’s attention: The world’s largest press manufacturer Heidelberg has revealed that it will be launching its B1 digital inkjet sheetfed press at drupa next year. The press is the result of a co-operation between Heidelberg, which will manufacture the hardware and Fujifilm, which is providing the inkjet technology.
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Researchers get a step closer to printing human organs
While there have been a number of breakthroughs in bioprinting, printing complete and functional organs has been an elusive goal so far. Researchers at the University of Gainsville in Florida may now have come a step closer: They developed a method to print complex objects in gel, which could help pave the way to 3D printed organs in the future.
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3D printing accelerates NASA’s plans for manned space exploration
Mars is getting a lot of press lately and the latest news about the likely presence of water has made a manned mission to Mars even more intriguing. NASA is looking at how 3D printing can save time and money and can possibly accelerate the time schedule for a manned mission that is planned for the 2030s.
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NinjaFlex’ maker Fenner Drives expands to 25 countries
Fenner Drives has experienced great market acceptance with its NinjaFlex filament, one of the most widely-used flexible 3D printing materials on the market. This thermoplastic elastomer filament has made numerous 3D printing projects possible, ranging from flexible circuit boards to smart band aids. Now, Fenner Drives has created a business unit called NinjaTek that will market its flexible filament and provide services in 25 geographical markets.
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Lintec developed bubble-free adhesive technology
It was a real Eureka moment that led to the discovery of a new kind of labelstock that allows trapped gasses to escape instead of forming unwanted bubbles. Tatsuya Tsukida, general manager of Lintec’s research center, explained that the discovery came as a result of cracks discovered in an adhesive coating, which allowed gasses to escape. Instead of seeing this as a mistake, Lintec started investigating, which resulted in the development of the new material.
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LumeJet plans its comeback
After being placed in administration due to financial difficulties, the company announced that it is back in business. The LumeJet brand has been revived as LumeJet Print Technologies. This move comes after a cohort of investors acquired all the company’s IP assets and developed a new business model.
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Bosch Packaging introduces vertical bagger for pouches with zippers
Flexible pouches with re-closable zippers are increasingly popular. Most machines, the so-called baggers, have only been able to manufacture the pouches horizontally. Now, Bosch Packaging has introduces a vertical bagger that can produce Doyen-style pouches with zippers at faster speed while requiring less room.
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