Future Links September 3rd 2014

Today our news roundup from the printing industry covers the Inkjet Conference, 3DHubs raising 4.5 million USD, Canon survey revealing print trends, LuXeXcel with new 3D printed optics for LEDs, MaxStick qualification as Bisphenol-free and a new magazine dedicated to the best of print.

Inkjet conference features technical advances
Digital printing, innovations in ink and printing technology as well as industrial applications such as packaging, textile, plastics will be the focus of The Inkjet Conference at the Swissôtel in Neuss (Düsseldorf), Germany, September 30 and October 1 2014. Leading manufacturers representing all aspects of this fast growing segment within the industry will give insightful speeches and presentations.
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3DHubs raises 4.5 million USD
The business idea is convincing: Connect people who want to print in 3D with those who own 3D printers. Founded by former 3D Systems employees Brian Garret and Bram de Zwart, 3DHubs has raised 4.5 million USD in their series A financing round. Their service allows customers to send a 3D model and ask for a quote. The printout will then be shipped to the customer.
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Canon survey reveals print trends in the Middle East
A survey among small and medium-sized business (SME) in the Middle East found that three out of four businesses see room for improvement in their use of multifunctional printers. A large percentage reported having misplaced confidential documents on the printers’ trays. Many businesses also said they were not aware of functions that let them track printing costs.
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LuXeXcel with new 3D printed optics for LEDs
The Dutch company LuXeXcel specializes in 3D printing to produce customized optics for LEDs. So far, their products were optimized for indoor use, but today, the company announced that it is adding a new outdoor coating that makes the products withstand heat, cold and UV rays.
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MaxStick is qualified as Bisphenol-free
MAXStick Products Ltd. has been known to produce environmentally friendly and sustainable labels that are safe for use by the food industry. The company that was previously categorized as BP-A free now reached the next milestone. It is now classified as 100 percent Bisphenol-free. Bisphenols, most notably BP-A and BP-S, are chemical compounds found in some paper and plastic products and are suspected to be endocrine disruptors.
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New magazine dedicated to the best of print
“Print isn’t dead” is the title of a new magazine celebrating the work of those who still work on paper. The quarterly shows innovations in illustration and design work and features interviews, short articles and a directory of those who work in print.
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