Future Links September 12th 2014

Today our news roundup from the printing industry covers Eastman’s acquisition of Taminco, HP’s role in Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign, job opportunities for 3D printing experts, Netflix’ documentary about 3D printing, Pitney Bowes mail sorting system, a new cloud printing app for Mac users and the newly founded label academy.

Eastman Chemical buys Taminco for 2.8 billion USD
Eastman Chemical announced that it is acquiring Taminco, a global specialty chemical company. According to a company statement, the acquisition of Taminco strengthens Eastman’s presence in attractive niche markets such as food, feed and agriculture. In addition, it provides opportunities to accelerate growth in the personal care, coatings, and oil and gas markets. More at Ink World

Coca-Cola’s personalized labels made on HP printers
Coca-Cola’s personalized labels with popular first names attracted a lot of attention and illustrated the possibilities of digital printing. Now, HP revealed its role in helping Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign in the U.S. market with its HP Indigo WS6000 series Digital Presses. More at What they think?

For 3D printing experts, job opportunities abound
As the industry grows, so does the need for qualified experts. According to an analysis by Engineering.com, the need for qualified personnel has grown by more than 100 percent within the past 12 months. Manufacturing specialists and academics with knowledge in 3D printing were most in demand. More at Inside 3DP

Netflix streams documentary about 3D printing
Can 3D printers become movie stars? Apparently so. On September 26, Netflix will show “Print the Legend”, a new film about 3D printing, featuring influential companies such as Stratasys, 3D Systems and Formlabs. More at Engadget

Pitney Bowes’s presorting system lets you follow the mail
Have you ever wondered what happens to your mail after you drop it off? Pitney Bowes shows the whole presorting process in a video, from start to finish.

New cloud printing app for Mac users unveiled
Mac users are now able to print anywhere thanks to enterprise mobility provider Cortado. The new print app complements the Cortado apps already available for iPhones, iPads, Android and Windows devices. More at Apps Tech

Label Academy elicits strong response
The first hundred participants signed up for the newly founded label academy within the first 24-hours and more are likely to follow. The academy was announced at the LabelExpo Americas in Chicago and was met with favorable interest by industry experts. More at Labels & Labeling

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