Guest Article: DATEV Apprentices Design Cookbook

At this year’s PRINT & DIGITAL CONVENTION, in addition to the great highlight projects, we also spotted many exciting projects at the exhibitors’ stands. One of these discoveries we made at DATEV, whose apprentices at the DATEV Digital & Print Solution Center have the opportunity to design a print medium completely independently. DATEV wrote a guest article for us on the result of the task: a sustainable cookbook!

Software Company and Print Service Provider

The name DATEV is usually associated with electronic bookkeeping, tax advisors or payroll accounting. This is what our software house is known for. But in addition to software and IT services, we also offer digital and print solutions for customers in all sectors.

With over one billion printed pages per year, DATEV has established itself as a high-performance Digital & Print Solution Center. Every year, DATEV trains junior staff in the areas of design, machinery and digital printing to ensure its future viability.

Supporting the Next Generation is a Top Priority

Every year, apprentices at the DATEV Digital & Print Solution Center have the opportunity to design a print medium completely independently, in order to get to know work processes, as well as trying out different materials and to build up an internal network.

Seven apprentices from three different occupational groups are working together on a project in the 2021/2022 training year. Alicia and Anna are learning the profession of media designer, Yunus and Mohammed will become machine and plant operators, and Franzi, Jessica and Andreas are in their 1st year of training as digital printing media technologists.

One Project Team – Everything From a Single Source

Together they develop a completely new medium, the DATEV cookbook. From the design and preparation of the necessary print data to production – they do everything independently in the DATEV Digital & Print Solution Center.

The know-how gained from the three apprenticeships enables them to carry out all the process steps of the project independently. And if they do need support, their instructors Thorsten Lingener, Jeannette Hillenbrand and Tobias Benner are always on hand with help and advice.

Sustainability in the Spotlight

The apprentices focus on the topic of sustainability for their project, which is how the name for the cookbook “DATEV is(s)t nachhaltig” (DATEV is (eats) sustainable) was created. The trainees not only considered the conscious handling of resources in the selection of the recipes and content topics, but also in the production of the cookbook.

On 108 pages in a special format between DIN A4 and DIN A5, you will not only find recipes, but also, for example, a vegetable season calendar, kitchen tricks and plenty of sustainability tips. The print medium will be produced on sustainable paper and bound with an adhesive binding and will be available for purchase by DATEV employees from the end of October.

An insight into the project of the DATEV apprentices can be found in the following video: 

You can find more information about training at DATEV here.

Further information on the DATEV Digital & Print Solution Center can be found here.

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