5 extremely inspiring product packaging ideas

Sometimes you need inspiration to lead your thinking into new areas. So here we have some wonderfull innovative ideas in the field of packaging for you.

Sometimes you need some fresh and inspiring ideas to kick your creativity into full speed. So we’d like to give you some inspiration with some extremely creative packaging projects from around the world.


How do you package cookies in a way that consumers think they’re fresh out of the oven? Creative lab Saturday MFG from Iowa designed exactly that for the small bakery Thelma’s – an oven made of cardboard.


Vin Grâce

Drinking wine out of a box is still… awkward. If you like good wine, that is. Plastic and wine just didn’t fit together in the minds of consumers. Design agency Minimalist Studio from South Korea wants to change that. For Vin Grâce they designed a stylish packaging made out of sealed paper. It’s supposed to remind the buyer of a diamond and therefore change the value perception of the drink.

vin grace


Handy Nails

Let’s be honest: There are more interesting products in the world than nails. Unless you need one and start searching your toolbox. Design student Melissa Archer from Dallas shows how nails can be served handily – beautifully.

handy nails



Most sport shoes come in boxes, just because they’re easy to store and ship. But consumers often leave theses boxes in the store, so not much energy goes into designing these containers. German ad agency Scholz & friends delivered something completely new for Nike: a transparent packaging that takes the shoe’s subbrand by the name – Air.

Nike Air


Flower Garden

Transporting flowers can be a drag. Normally you just wrap paper around and try not to ruin them on the way home. Polish designer Milena Wlodarczyk shows an alternative: „one piece of corrugated cardboard, which by proper bending becomes a stable structure likely to transmit various types of flowers.“ And it’s stylish, too.



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    Great ideas!

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    Very good idea for those who are new in packaging industry. Thanks for shaing this with us.

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