Print Gains Ground Again (Statement by Claus Bolza-Schünemann on

Claus Bolza-Schünemann

For the “trends” edition of the magazine Deutscher Drucker, more than 30 specialists looked into the future of the printing industry. Which role will print play in overall communications, what will change in print production and how will print service providers develop? These are the questions the industry experts commented on. Among the respondents is Claus Bolza-Schünemann, our president of drupa and CEO of Koenig & Bauer AG.

„The Internet Fuels the Demand for Print Products“

“Print will serve as a marketing tool. With packaging and printed cartons, the sector contributes to the shopping experience, thanks to the rise of mail order businesses. The industry is still growing. Mail order business and e-commerce fuel the demand for print products, which are becoming ever more individual and personalized. The print enhancement of metal sheets, glassware, and plastics will increase and colors will enter cartons. Print service providers will also play a role for marketing. Individualization and personalization imply short print-runs which, in turn, call for more flexibility.”

You find all answers in Deutscher Drucker (1/2018) (only in German). The single statements are available online (only in German).

What are your visions for the printing industry? We are looking forward to your comments!

Source: Drucker

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