Print Your Future Furniture in this Pop-Up Shop

In an attempt to make unique furniture more sustainable and affordable, Print the Future opened a pop-up store selling 3D-printed furniture. Now, they are looking to turn said store permanent.

Image source: Pixabay

3D printing is an ever growing industry that covers many scopes of application. Whether it is artificial limbs, mechanical parts or as we are going to discover today: Furniture. Vancouver-based 3D printing company Print the Future recently opened its first pop-up store in Manhattan, NY where they print new furniture on the spot.

However Print the Future are looking to open up stores all around the world. That is what CEO and founder Neil Patel says. The 3D printed furniture is custom made, competively-priced at around 500-1500 Dollars and made from 100 percent recyclable resources. Patel’s vision is making furniture as unique as possible for the customers to basically watch the furniture being made right in front of them.

The Future of Furnishing

It is all about the idea. The overall goal, Print the Future aims for making designers create 3D models from their furniture ideas which are then turned into finished 3D-printed usable furniture in a matter of hours. But what does that mean for the end customer? Imagine browsing the web looking for a new coffee table. If you managed to find a nice model that looks great, is affordable and durable, you just have to find out where you can buy it. Getting the table delivered might take 4-6 weeks. All of these steps can be skipped, if everything works out the way Print the Future plans. You will then be able to look up the perfect table online, download the 3D model, send it over to your local shop and pick it up a few hours later.

Spread it like Butter

As mentioned before, Print the Future want to open up stores in major cities around the world, thereby almost eliminating shipping because one can easily pick up the piece at the store. While spreading the stores across the globe, they will be an environment-friendly operation since the material that is used is 100 percent recyclable. And being 3D-printed, there is no waste because the printer only uses as much material as needed.


Print the Future is still in the financing phase. But we are sure to hear more about them and maybe see them at drupa in 2020!

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