Printing the World’s Longest Promo Code for a Youth-Targeted Campaign

Recently, Boursorama Banque faced the challenge of drawing young people’s attention to their services as France’s cheapest online bank for youths. Therefore, they partnered up with online fashion and cosmetic retailer ASOS to launch a unique print campaign.

Going shopping – whether consumers perform this popular activity in stationary retail or online – always results in account movements. So although the fashion industry and the financial sector don’t have much in common at first glance it does definitely make sense for Boursorama Banque to team up with ASOS to target new customers.


How can a bank catch young people? This was the challenge Boursorama Banque had to tackle recently. Offering features specifically for adolescents, the French bank provides them with many benefits and is the cheapest online bank for youths in the country. But they were well aware that a normal print advertisement wouldn’t have the desired effect. This is why Boursorama Banque searched for a partner which they finally found in British online fashion store ASOS.

Together they set up an analogue print campaign on newspapers and out-of-home displays at French university campuses featuring an extra-long discount code that could be redeemed online on ASOS. When typing the letters out during the payment process the shoppers would read:








and thus become aware of the bank’s services.


* Sorry to disappoint you at this point but the code only works in its French version.

Back to the Roots

This cooperation isn’t the only example combining analogue and digital experiences to attract the attention of younger target groups. After all, marketers rely on print again in times of overstimulation since it’s a less transient medium compared to online media. On our blog we already gathered some examples illustrating how creative they were in doing so.

Do you know any other youth-targeting print campaigns?

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