Red, Yellow, Green Stands for Security – Now Also When it Comes to Banknotes

he new mouveGSI security ink from Gleitmann Security Inks can be easily checked under a UV device. Due to a color transition and the green afterglow when the light source is switched off, a “traffic light effect” is created.

Producing banknotes that are counterfeit-proof requires constant adaptation of security features. Recently, a new technology has emerged that not only makes both banknotes and important documents more secure, but also allows for verifying  them easier. With mouveGSI, one sees an unprecedented “traffic light effect.”

Previous Methods of Counterfeit Protection

In addition to the security thread or holograms, certain printing techniques and inks also enable the counterfeit-proofing of banknotes, such as the euro bill. This one, for example, uses a special ink to change the color of the number by tilting the bill. Another protection mechanism is based on the metamerism effect, so that the bills show a different color in infrared light than in sunlight. In addition, special colors outside the CMYK color model can be used, so that printers cannot reproduce them and, conversely, it is also possible to apply colors  that cannot be read in the RGB color space, i.e. cannot be copied. But recently  a German safety color expert came up with a new counterfeit-proof process that can be used on banknotes as well as on important documents.

“Traffic Light Effect” Sets New Security Standards

The new security feature from Gleitmann Security Inks (GSI) is a specially developed ink that can be easily checked under a UV device. Due to a color transition and the green afterglow when the light source is switched off, a typical “traffic light effect” is created for the security ink. In the Asian market, mouveGSI is already being used successfully by a banknote customer.

This security ink was developed in less than a year. Due to the cooperation with the German company Partner Leuchtstoffwerk Breitungen and their own existing knowledge, it was possible for GSI to achieve this ink. The fact that this is a very special technique becomes clear at the latest when proven UV images are combined with phosphorescence and a moving effect of color changes in red, yellow and green. This industry first is also very easy to verify, so police officers, retailers, banknote experts and sorters with existing equipment or sensors will have another effective and efficient method at their disposal in the future.

What the Future Holds

GSI has been part of the international printing inks and specialty chemicals manufacturer Hubergroup since 1976 and will celebrate its 175th anniversary next year together with the parent company.

Heiner Klokkers, chairman of hubergroup’s Management Board said:

“Following a record year in revenues in 2020, 2021 will see another all-time high in turnover. mouveGSI is an outstanding security feature, which has already been adopted by an Asian banknote customer only a few months after its launch. Today, I am working closely with the management team of GSI on defining the next strategic initiatives, which ensure a continuation of the solid growth strategy of GSI, being a highly profitable part of hubergroup. I look forward to celebrating 175 years with GSI’s customers, partners and staff members next year.”

We are already excited to see what other safety methods and potential use cases we will learn about from GSI in the future.

What do you think? Will GSI’s safety feature find use beyond the Asian market? 

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