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Packaging design software aims to reduce prototyping

Designing and creating effective packaging solutions is usually a fairly fragmented process with different kinds of software being used at different stages from creation to production. This can lead to inefficiencies and unnecessary costs. Often, design flaws only become obvious fairly late in the process. Software maker Creative Edge has now developed a solution that addresses these issues.

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Macht euch bereit für den touchpoint packaging auf der #drupa2024: Interview mit Claudia Josephs von epda

Auf zukunftsorientierte Verpackungs- und Druckinnovationen! Ende November 2022 wurde das Konzept der drupa 2024 touchpoint packaging auf der Informationsveranstaltung vorgestellt. Noch ein Jahr, doch die Vorbereitungen für die touchpoint packaging Plattform auf der drupa 2024 laufen auf Hochtouren. Claudia Josephs von der European Brand and Packaging Design Association (epda), unserer Partnerorganisation, beantwortet in einem exklusiven Interview alle Fragen rund um die Verpackungsinitiative.

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Get Ready for touchpoint packaging at #drupa2024: Interview with Claudia Josephs from epda

For tomorrow’s packaging design and print: The concept of drupa 2024 touchpoint packaging was introduced at an informative event at the end of November 2022. One more year to go yet the preparations for the touchpoint packaging platform at drupa 2024 are in full swing. Claudia Josephs from European Brand and Packaging Design Association (epda), our partnering organization, answers all questions related to the packaging initiative in an exclusive interview.

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Innovations In Tamper-Evident Packaging

Customers have been asking for a way to control the quality and safety of their food packaging for years. This demand escalated even further during the pandemic. Companies like Innoseal Systems Inc., Inno-Pak LLC and Novolex are finding new solutions to address the issue.

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Report by Siegwerk: Why The Entire Value Chain Must Collaborate on Changes in The Packaging Industry

The packaging industry must change its ways if it wants to become sustainable. For this to happen, products from the packaging industry must be developed with regard to reduction, reuse and recyclability. Siegwerk presents this insight in its report "Rethink packaging" and calls for a circular packaging industry. Here’s why the entire value chain has to cooperate.

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Create Your Own Packaging With Short-Run Printing

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Production runs with hundreds of thousands of units made from a single setup are well known to be cost-effective. Once the design and equipment for printing are set up, the production is more efficient in manufacturing a larger number of units at once. This field is continuously changing with new modern digital production methods. That is why it is worth to take a look at the potential this opens up for the packaging industry.

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