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Is Sustainable Print Finishing Actually Possible?

Finishing printed products is one way to make the final product more attractive. And it's the right mix of design, substrate and finishing that has a bigger impact on sales as you probably already know. Some special methods thus make it possible to change the final product in an improved way. Finishing techniques are often not environmentally friendly though. Is it still possible to focus on sustainability and guarantee high-quality finishing at the same time?

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[Gastbeitrag] Druckveredelung auf der PDC: Value of Value Added Printing

Drucken mit Mehrwert: Der Trend von Mehrwertlösungen manifestiert sich in der gesamten grafischen Industrie – in Form von innovativen Strategien, durch technische Innovationen und durch ein authentisches Verständnis für professionelle Nachhaltigkeit. Im Rahmen der PRINT & DIGITAL CONVENTION zeigt u. a. die Brancheninitiative Creatura raffinierte Lösungen und neueste Methoden.

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[Gastbeitrag] Nachhaltigkeit auf der PRINT & DIGITAL CONVENTION: Top Branchenkongress plus Messe


Die PRINT & DIGITAL CONVENTION, PDC, die am 20.- und 21. Oktober 2021 in Düsseldorf stattfindet, verkabelt alle wichtigen Themen der grafischen Industrie mit den Stärken der Formate Messe, Kongress und Networking: acht Themenwelten, täglich vier parallele Vortragsreihen mit 48 Vorträgen und Workshops und über 60 Aussteller. Die Nachhaltigkeit ist ein Schwerpunktthema, mit je 6 Vorträgen an beiden Tagen.

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Report by Siegwerk: Why The Entire Value Chain Must Collaborate on Changes in The Packaging Industry

The packaging industry must change its ways if it wants to become sustainable. For this to happen, products from the packaging industry must be developed with regard to reduction, reuse and recyclability. Siegwerk presents this insight in its report "Rethink packaging" and calls for a circular packaging industry. Here’s why the entire value chain has to cooperate.

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Things About Packaging That Nobody Knows

Environment Concept Hand Holding White Paper With Recycle Symbol on Green Bokeh Background

Up until now, you rarely heard companies talk about how sustainable or innovative they are when it comes to packaging. They've relied on customers to pick up on it and notice that something has changed. But the developments in the packaging industry in particular are too important not to tell people about them and rely on , i.e. customers, to pay attention. And yet there is still a great deal of potential in this field, because at the moment there are only a few topics more important than recycling or the circular economy.

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ACTEGA Provides Sustainable Options in The Printing Industry

Trees in the sky

ACTEGA has been focusing on sustainability in many of their products and in the past month they have again demonstrated what sustainable printing options can look like. Introducing a new environment-friendly label decorating process for a clean ‘no label’ look and new silver coatings as an alternative to foil stamping and metalized board, has shown their seriousness towards renewable printing methods.

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