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3D Printed Meatballs Are Served at IKEA’s Job Interview

There can be no doubt that meatballs at IKEA are as iconic as the world’s largest furniture retailer on its own. The Swedish home furnishing company has just launched its recruitment campaign “Taste the Future“ and thereby it is scouting data scientists, software developers and engineers by inviting them over to have 3D printed meatballs. The question on everybody’s lips is why IKEA started to 3D print the meatballs. What is the connection between plant-based meat in the shape of a ball and a job interview?

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“Graphy” From South Korea Prints 3D-Printed Alignment Aid With Shape Memory

There is hardly an industry or sector that is not supported by 3D printing technology. Graphy recently launched what is claimed to be the "world's first" directly 3D-printed orthodontic splint with shape memory function at a show in Cologne, Germany. The manufacturer from South Korea works respectively prints with photopolymer resins. The new product makes it possible to speed up the treatment process for patients. It could make replacement aligners largely obsolete.

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How 3D Printing Could Help Prevent And Fight Drinking Water Shortages

If there's one thing Western societies take for granted, it's access to a safe supply of drinking water and having decent wastewater. However, currently 2.2 billion have no access to exactly that. And the forecasts are bad: it is possible that by 2032 more than half of the world's population will suffer from a lack of drinking water. Creative and innovative solutions need to be created to address the problem. How can 3D printing help?

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LitiHolo Introduces World’s First Desktop 3D Hologram Printer


The idea of hologram printing has been in people’s minds for a long time, and to this day researchers and companies are making advances in the field, trying to get closer to the ideal hologram print. The latest progress comes from the company LitiHolo, as the business introduced the world's first 3D hologram printer for people to use at home.

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Adidas Announces New Running Shoe from the 3D Printer

Adidas 3d printed shoe

New developments and ongoing collaborations result in the most advanced running shoes from the 3D printer to date. The new technology and the use of the special textile upper material not only promises many advantages for the athletes but also shows how a successful cooperation between creatives and manufacturers can be realised.

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