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5 Exciting Examples Of Augmented And Virtual Reality In Print

Augmented and virtual reality has made its way into the print industry since 2016. At our last drupa trade show, it was still a future technology to watch, but by now, it has established a strong foothold in our industry. With these five examples or AR and VR in print, we want to show you why we are so fascinated by the options these technologies provide.

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Print Museums Are Opening Their Virtual Doors

Museums, much like our beloved print industry, can easily fall prey to becoming perceived as “old”, “antiquated” and “boring”. But with the help of 3D printing and virtual reality, this is about to change! It appears only right that a print technology now provides a chance to revive and add a new dimension to your average museum visit.

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Augmented Reality Ads in the Facebook News Feed

With the help of augmented reality, Facebook is testing a new way for advertisers to bring their products closer to their consumers. At first sight, these ads look like normal in-feed ads, but they include a “tap to try it on” option, activating AR capabilities, which makes it easier for the customers to decide on a product.

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