Printing in the field

In disaster areas and underdeveloped countries it is very important not only to supply the right humanitarian aid but also to get it to the right places. With his project Field Ready, Andrew Lamb is tackling both simultaneously: he manufactures necessary items with 3D printers right where they are needed.

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Printed proteins may replace the petri dish

Why not print proteins to help cultivate cell cultures on large sheets of film instead of putting them on glass or rigid plastic in traditional petri dishes? Imagine sheets coming fresh off the printing press like the daily papers. Scientists at the Fraunhofer Institut partnered with the German printing company Saueressig to develop a process and brand-new equipment to coat substrates for cell cultures with proteins.

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Modified inkjet printers support scientific breakthrough

Diabetes is becoming increasingly common in developing countries. Many people afflicted by it are unable to afford the test strips and glucometers required to monitor blood sugar levels. Researchers at Clemson University modified a common inkjet printer to print enzymes so that test strips for blood glucose level could be printed in a widely accessible and inexpensive way.

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