Future Links CW 49

future links CW 33

With our future links we give you an overview of current developments in the printing industry. This week we look at the merger of API and APM, Premier Paper Groups tree planting action, Pulse and Epples ink partnership, the certification of Mark Andy’s ink, and Case Paper’s installation of a new sheeter.

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Pacific Daily News Sets Milestone for US Newspapers


Digitalization has an impact on many areas of our society. Even the newspaper market is affected, but not only in a negative, but also in a positive way. New digital printing presses and processes offer publishers a more efficient and flexible workflow. This development has been getting the publishers of the Pacific Daily News to rethink their production processes. In the past, this newspaper was produced with an old offset printing press built in 1968, but this has changed recently.

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Swipe Through Online Content in a Print Magazine


A cool article, an amazing photo, an entertaining video or a great infographic: There’s an enormous number of high-quality content on the internet. But its sheer amount makes it hard to identify the highlights. Rather than giving up due to information overload, millennials living in London now have the possibility to read the twice-monthly magazine SWIPE.

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