#PrintingProfessions – Industriekaufmann/-frau

Printing Professions

Unsere Reihe #PrintingProfessions beleuchtet verschiedenste Ausbildungsberufe in der Druckbranche. Die neuste Episode dreht sich um das Berufsbild des Industriekaufmanns oder der Industriekauffrau. Die wichtigsten Fragen rund um eine Karriere in diesem Bereich werden im Blogartikel beantwortet.

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Interview with Folorunso Alakija

Folorunso Alakija is one of the most successful business women of Africa and owns a Nigerian printing company. In the interview with our Director of International Business, Dr. Clemens Schütte, she tells us about her plans for the upcoming drupa 2020.

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Is It Possible To Redefine Print in a Digital Era?

In our digital era, it’s getting harder for brands to capture their consumer’s attention. The days of one-dimensional campaigns and classical multimedia strategies are slowly coming to an end in favour of omnichannel communications allowing to redefine print in a digital era.

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