Gastbeitrag – VDMA Circular Economy Forum: LEONHARD KURZ präsentiert Lösungen für die Kreislaufwirtschaft

Im Rahmen der K 2022 rückten mehrere VDMA-Mitgliedsunternehmen das Thema „Circular Economy“ in den Fokus und stellten ihre Technologie-Highlights zur Kreislaufwirtschaft vor. LEONHARD KURZ zeigte auf, wie sich aus Produktionsresten der grafischen Industrie hochwertiges Post-Industrial-Rezyklat gewinnen und weiterverarbeiten lässt.

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How to Reduce The Waste of Resources via Modern Packaging

In this day and age, packaging has become indispensable in our everyday life, especially in the pharmaceutical and medical sectors. There are regulatory frameworks dictating the disposal of production waste and operating materials that have played a major part in waste management. However, it lies in our hands to lessen the burden on the climate. How can we reduce the consumables on a large scale with the help of modern packaging?

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The New Era of Sustainable Packaging: Cartons Can Be Recycled Over 25 Times!

The lifespan of a recycled carton is expected to be much shorter than it is. In fact, the latest study conducted by Graz University of Technology disproves the widely believed mythos. The recyclability of fiber-based packaging materials, such as paper, cardboard, cartons and folding boxes does not amount to only 4 to 7 recycling cycles. On the contrary, cartons can be recycled at least 25 times without losing their material integrity. This mind-blowing finding opens new eco-friendly opportunities for the packaging industry.

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