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Today our news roundup from the printing industry covers XYZ’s market success, SmarTech’s predictions for the medical 3D printing market, the benefits of an efficient packaging approval process, R.R. Donnelley’s success at the Golden Ink awards, a look at Singapore’s printing industry, Toyota’s and Materialise’s 3D printing partnership and HP’s new additions to its high-speed digital range.

XYZ Printing shipped more 3D printers this year than competitors
The Taiwanese company XYZ Printing has risen to the top of the sales charts this year. The company is only a few years old and has already released six 3D printers with three more on the way, including a food printer. Industry analysts at Canalys said that XYZ Printing shipped 22 % of all printers that were sold worldwide this year.
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SmarTech predicts new opportunities in the medical 3D printing market
In its ten-year forecast, market researcher SmarTech identifies a host of opportunities in the medical 3D printing market. They include medical devices, prosthetics and three-dimensional modeling. More opportunities will arise as specialized engineers will work in the field.
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More effective packaging approval processes can prevent recalls
A lot of work goes into designing, approving and producing new packaging. And it is more than embarrassing if a new box or wrapping has typos or – even worse – missed important product information, for example about allergens. An article on Packaging Digest explains how more effective packaging approval processes can also reduce the error rate.
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RR Donnelly wins big at the Golden Ink awards
R.R. Donnelley received three Gold awards, six Silver awards, three Bronze awards, and 25 Pewter awards at the 2015 Golden Inks awards. The 160-year old company was recognized in the categories catalogs, folding cartons and packaging among others. This year’s Gold Ink Award winners were selected from approximately 1,000 entries submitted in nearly 50 different categories.
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Singapore’s print industry thrives
Singapore’s print industry is showing strong growth. A new report shows that one of the top product categories to be exported from Singapore to the U.S. was printed matter, up more than 58 percent from a year ago. Experts say that Singapore is a good location for publishers, with its strong intellectual property framework that protects their rights and interests.
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Toyota and Materialise team up to print a lightweight car seat
There are many ways to save weight in car production and car seats are one area where reduced weight can result in more efficient cars. The auto manufacturer Toyota has now partnered with Belgian 3D printing company Materialise to produce a prototype of a car seat with intricate design that only weighs seven kilograms.
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HP adds two models to its high-speed digital range
Enhancing speed and customization abilities, HP has added two new models to its PageWide digital web press range, aimed at commercial printers. The new T480 and T470 presses are the high-performance models of its top-line T400 series, geared towards providing a high-capacity, fast turnaround alternative to web offset. The series can produce direct mail pieces, journals and other publications, posters and banners, high-end retail brochures and catalogues, and other general commercial work.
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