Printing Processes

#PrintingProcesses: Screen printing

After we took a closer look at gravure printing, one of the oldest printing processes still in use today, in this edition of #PrintingProcesses we take you into the world of screen printing. Historically, it’s considered the fourth printing process and is also called stencil printing. If you combine screen printing with suitable ink, you can print on almost any flat material, such as textiles, glass, ceramics, paper and even stone.  

Printing Processes

#PrintingProcesses: Gravure Printing

Let’s move on with our new series #PrintingProcesses and one of the oldest printing processes still in use today: gravure printing. As early as the Middle Ages, people produced copperplate engravings (a graphic gravure printing process) with an image depicted in the recesses. Since then, gravure printing has developed over a long time and is used today for banknotes, cosmetics packaging, magazines and many more. 

Printing Processes

#PrintingProcesses: Flat Printing

For the second installment of our new #PrintingProcesses series, we’re focusing our attention on flat printing, also known as Lithography. Developed in Munich, Germany, by a penniless playwright, it offered a cheap and efficient printing method that quickly gained popularity all over Europe.  

drupa Essentials of Print: Jean Poncet

With our recurring drupa Essentials of Print series, we deliver a series of articles, from designers, brand owners, printers, converters, journalists and influencers, providing them with a platform to share their opinions on the latest developments of the print industry. 

Pantone Color 2021

Yellow and Grey – Pantone 2021

Every year in December, the Pantone Color Institute selects the “Color of the Year”, influencing a wide branch of industries with this decision. This years’ champions are surprisingly two colours – Ultimate Gray and Yellow Illuminating.  

Pantone Period Red

Period Red – Pantone Creates Awareness for Menstruation

The U.S. Institute Pantone has launched a new shade of red to end the stigma of menstruation. The aim is to break the taboo surrounding menstruation with a color named "Period Red". The development of this shade of red is intended to encourage both women and men to talk openly about the period and related issues of social injustice. 


Green Up Your Business With 3D Printing

By 2030, greenhouse gases are to be reduced by 55 percent compared to 1990, the European Union demands. As a result, more and more companies are facing the challenge of a more sustainable production. In addition to obvious measures, there are several rather unknown paths that can be taken to achieve sustainability goals. One of these is 3D printing. But how exactly can 3D printing help to become an eco-friendly company?