Satisfied Exhibitors and Visitors at K 2022’s Circular Economy Forum

At the Circular Economy Forum held as part of this year's world-leading trade fair for the plastics and rubber industry, K 2022, mechanical and plant engineering companies presented their technical innovations for integrating the circular economy into this industry. The platform was an inspiring example of how this important future topic can be given a stage – exhibitors and visitors agreed on this. 

High Demand for Printed Textiles: Digital Textile Printing Market is Expanding Globally

The growth potential of the digital textile ink market lies ahead: the rise of e-commerce and the popularity of customization are accelerating print on demand and expanding digital textile printing to various segments across the supply chain. The textile industry has undoubtedly become an integral part of the printing industry and thus drupa is responding to this development with a special forum “touchpoint textile” at the upcoming drupa 2024. 

Saving Resources in Mechanical Engineering

The increasing demand for resource-saving products requires companies in all sectors to find solutions. The Mechanical and System Engineering company Winkler+Dünnebier GmbH has already initiated some steps and has planned further ones to support its customers in turning to resource-efficient processes, products and packaging. 

DATEV Auszubildende entwerfen Kochbuch

Auf der diesjährigen PRINT & DIGITAL CONVENTION haben wir neben den großen Highlight-Projekten auch viele spannende Projekte an den Ständen der Aussteller entdeckt. Eine dieser Entdeckungen machten wir bei DATEV, deren Auszubildende im DATEV Digital & Print Solution Center die Möglichkeit haben, ein Druckmedium völlig eigenständig zu gestalten. Über das Ergebnis der Aufgabe hat DATEV einen Gastbeitrag für uns geschrieben: ein nachhaltiges Kochbuch!  

Signs of Post-Pandemic Recovery: 8th drupa Global Trends Report

The global economic market has suffered great losses in the last two years. key findings stemming from the long-awaited 8th drupa Global Trends Report reveal inside information about how this affects the printing industry and what its current situation looks like. Furthermore, it also points at the shifts in the sector and the market potentials on a global level.