Megatrend at drupa: Platform Economy

Platform economy is one of the new megatrends at drupa 2024. We explain what this term exactly means and what opportunities the printing industry can experience through the merger of printing specialists. 

Recycled Glass in 3D Printing Concrete

Usually, concrete is created from a mixture of water, cement and aggregates such as sand. Scientists at Technische Universität Berlin (TU Berlin) and Brunel University have developed a way of turning 3D printing concrete into a more sustainable, robust building material by using recycled glass. 

How to Reduce The Waste of Resources via Modern Packaging

In this day and age, packaging has become indispensable in our everyday life, especially in the pharmaceutical and medical sectors. There are regulatory frameworks dictating the disposal of production waste and operating materials that have played a major part in waste management. However, it lies in our hands to lessen the burden on the climate. How can we reduce the consumables on a large scale with the help of modern packaging? 

drupa Promotes Young Professionals

At drupa we have always been highly supportive of the younger generation and young talents. With various cooperations over the years, we take a look back at those that stand out, while also putting our eyes towards the future and giving a sneak peek of what's to come.  

Blog header image Artificial Intelligence in the Machinery Industry

Artificial Intelligence in the Machinery Industry

In several publications, drupa’s supporting association VDMA is taking a close look at artificial intelligence for the machinery industry. The potential AI carries to support the machinery industry is very high, thus we are examining the steps that are needed to successfully incorporate AI and also giving details about examples of how it could be used.