5 Eye-Catching Virtual Reality Video Ads

Virtual reality is among the buzzwords in 2017. Not just the game industry has discovered its potential but also advertisers and packaging designers increasingly use it to grab the attention of their customers. With the immense development of the technology, it offers new and varied possibilities for companies. Have you experienced virtual reality yet? We have some examples for you to demonstrate its huge potential for advertising. Have a look!

With virtual reality even a journey through a fridge is possible. The soft cheese supplier Boursin created a special adventure in the fridge. It is definitely an extravagant set of the company.

Feeling like sitting in the front-row of an exclusive fashion runway show while sitting in a flagship store. Top Shop wants their customers to have a special view.

Patrón uses the power of virtual reality to tell their story around their product. Viewers are taken on a 360° journey following the lifecycle of Patrón’s Tequila.

Another way to use the upcoming hype and give your customers the chance to make an experience with virtual reality. Coca-Cola, for example, uses their packaging to allocate virtual reality glasses for their customers, so they were able to have a unique experience with the packaging and their smartphone.

Lastly, we take you to a roller coaster ride! This ad lets you experience the Superman Coaster at Six Flags Fiesta Texas.

We are sure, that we will see a lot more of virtual reality in the future. What are your best practices in VR? Let us know in the comment section on the right!


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