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Augmented Reality Ads in the Facebook News Feed

With the help of augmented reality Facebook is testing a new way for advertisers to bring their products closer to their consumers. At first sight these ads look like normal in-feed ads, but they include a “tap to try it on” option, activating AR capabilities, which makes it easier for the customers to decide on a product.

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The Change of Marketing: Augmented Reality

Companies spend a lot of money in their classic marketing, but the future will offer them many different opportunities for investment in their public image such as Augmented Reality. Thanks to this technology virtual environments allow products to be, for instance, visually moved.

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Top 10 Augmented Reality Apps

From virtual interior design to catching Pokémon in the streets of your neighbourhood –augmented reality apps are in trend. We checked out the Top 10 and if they’re worth your devices memory.

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Augmented Reality – Phoenix of Print?

augmented reality

Classic print producers have to make a greater effort the last years, because of the internet and all these new online technologies. But Augmented Reality has the potential to get the traditional print world ready for the future.

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