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Esko and CERM Launches The World-First Integration Solution Which Automates Complex Labels

Higher customer demands and market challenges result in the development of innovative solutions for the print and packaging market. Results are particularly promising when industry leaders put their heads together to meet the customer and market demands. The strong alliance between Esko and CERM announces the world-first integrated solution on how to automate complex label production.

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Smart labels let customers trace food to its origins

Customers place a premium on healthy eating and this means that they often don’t only want to know what ingredients are in their food but also where their food comes from and how it was produced. A number of companies in the U.S. and Europe are responding to the demand. For example,when customers type the number printed onto the Fishpeople pouch’s label into their smartphone, a picture of the boat where the fish was caught appears.

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NFC-labels communicate with consumers

The internet of things may be closer than you think. The beverage company Diageo and the Norwegian company Thinfilm have unveiled a prototype Johnny Walker Blue Label bottle that wirelessly speaks to consumers’ smartphones. No sensors or batteries required, just a printed label.

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Sustainable labels make a difference

Quite often, brands may think that a label is such a small part of the overall product, and ask themselves how much impact could it have? But it turns out that when you buy many millions of square meters of label products, reducing the material can have a big impact as Avery Dennison's Greenprint assessment for L’Oréal America showed.

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Multifunctional “All-in-One” Badge at PRINT & DIGITAL CONVENTION


As PRINT & DIGITAL CONVENTION is as close as it can get, we want to introduce you to our final highlight project: the multifunctional "All-in-One" NFC badge. The "All-in-One" badge contains an NFC chip integrated in the paper that guides participants to all relevant trade fair information while offering various other advantages to make things easier and simpler.

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