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From NFC to the Metaverse: How Clinique is Embracing Digital Marketing with its Packaging

The combination of digital and physical marketing is still uncharted territory for many brands. However, the American manufacturer Clinique is setting new standards for the industry with the launch of their new packaging including a NFC seal. The technology enables customers to receive skin care tips from experts via an app and to exchange information about them with other people. But what does this technology promise for marketing?

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Naturkost Oase: POS Marketing in Practice at PRINT & DIGITAL CONVENTION

Regal in der Naturkost Oase

How are POS marketing, print and digitization connected? Several exhibitors at PRINT & DIGITAL CONVENTION in mid-October will be exploring this and many other questions. The organic food store “Naturkost Oase”, that values POS marketing to a high degree, will also be taking part in the event as part of the so-called "Highlight Guide". We spoke to Rüdiger Maaß and his son Marcel Maaß about the store's POS activities and found out what role print plays in them.

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Sustainability & Marketing Resiliency for CPGs

With disrupted supply chains through the current pandemic, CPG companies start to take advantage of resilient design in order to produce more sustainable and crisis-proof. Although there are still some obstacles, it is a great opportunity for the industry.

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Print Marketing, A Digital Champion

Marketing is an area that used to be all about print. Nowadays, it might seem like this industry has moved its efforts to digital, but print marketing is still very much alive and well. Turns out, print is actually a powerful driver, giving digital the push it needs to succeed.

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The Change of Marketing: Augmented Reality

Companies spend a lot of money in their classic marketing, but the future will offer them many different opportunities for investment in their public image such as Augmented Reality. Thanks to this technology virtual environments allow products to be, for instance, visually moved.

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The transformation of print-based direct marketing

Although pioneered more than a century ago, direct mail remains a trusted marketing strategy. Printed direct mail is being transformed in response to online and mobile media and changing consumer habits. An infographic on the current state and future viability of direct mail and catalogues.

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