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Sustainability and the printing industry

Economic concerns, technological threat and uncertain futures have contributed to a crisis of confidence in print. Throw in rapidly changing market expectations and media choices, and you have an industry that’s been on the back foot for several years. But a reversal is underway. Print is reinventing itself to be more vibrant than ever, an energetic force in a multichannel communications world.

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A mentality shift towards sustainability is necessary

Eric DesRoberts from the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, is responsible for conducting technical research on packaging materials, supporting research efforts around fiber sourcing, and growing the project portfolio. One of his goals is to foster good communication between all parts of the supply chain so that packaging can be made more sustainable. In an interview with us, he provided insights and background on challenges, successes and a much needed mentality shift.

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Things About Packaging That Nobody Knows

Environment Concept Hand Holding White Paper With Recycle Symbol on Green Bokeh Background

Up until now, you rarely heard companies talk about how sustainable or innovative they are when it comes to packaging. They've relied on customers to pick up on it and notice that something has changed. But the developments in the packaging industry in particular are too important not to tell people about them and rely on , i.e. customers, to pay attention. And yet there is still a great deal of potential in this field, because at the moment there are only a few topics more important than recycling or the circular economy.

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