A New Platform For a Better Communication Workflow: The Ricoh Communications Manager

Last year, Ricoh unveiled their Ricoh Communications Manager, a centralized software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that enhances visibility and efficiency of print and digital communication workflows. The scalable and secured Communications Manager is a standardized platform used to manage, view and report on job status and activity.

Ricoh announced their new software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that empowers print service providers to control, manage and report on digital and print channels easily. The Ricoh Communications Manager is one of Ricoh’s Cloud Workflow Solutions, provided as a scalable software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. It’s an intelligent software solution to connect the functional components of a typical customer-communications-management-system. The connection of online and offline communication enables print service providers the optimization of their customer communications and improved customer experience management. The platform as well offers a continuous workflow and can be integrated with other solutions like the RICOH ProcessDirector or systems like the Avanti Slingshot.

What Print Service Providers Need

In our time print service providers have a lot to keep track of. It requires disparate workflows, software and output devices to meet the customer’s needs and to deliver exceptional customer experiences. So, print service providers are always looking for technologies to help them, as they need a well-executed, overarching strategy that provides demonstrable results.

What the Ricoh Communications Manager Offers

As it brings different communication channels and their underlying technologies under a unified monitoring and management umbrella, the Communications Manager helps to make sense of it all. It augments and replaces parts of workflow and communications delivery systems that are exposed to security and compliance changes, difficult to maintain and scale as well as they are traditionally limited in upgradeability.

As an evolving collaboration tool, the Communication Manager supports print service providers in the change to an integrated communication platform. It offers complete information about campaign management and a platform to generate, manage and track the print and online communications. Furthermore, the fast development of new services to improve customer experience increases sales. It offers access to a scalable, configurable infrastructure to provide insight and control over their communications. Furthermore, it’s able to integrate, elevate or replace today’s communication workflows and can expose systems to unnecessary risk as a result of their disparity.

Availability For Everyone Everywhere

Because of another feature, the platform is available anywhere, to provide a consistent experience for users to track status, history and next steps from wherever they are. This function opens up new levels of visibility and collaboration, which can help drive better results and greater customer satisfaction. Ricoh, furthermore, said that future updates will be automatically available to subscribers as soon as they’re launched in their cloud-hosted applications platform. One update is already planned, which will allow portals to be white labeled for more immersive brand experience.

All in all, the Communications Manager promises to improve the handoffs between previously disconnected systems for more efficient workflows, provides a valuable insight into performance and allows a seamless collaboration between the print service providers and their customers.

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