Augmented Reality Ads in the Facebook News Feed

With the help of augmented reality Facebook is testing a new way for advertisers to bring their products closer to their consumers. At first sight these ads look like normal in-feed ads, but they include a “tap to try it on” option, activating AR capabilities, which makes it easier for the customers to decide on a product.

Social networks are more and more used via smartphone. To easily catch the user’s attention, Facebook is testing a new way of advertising. With the help of augmented reality Facebook is giving advertisers another chance to bring their products closer to their consumers.

A Faster Way to Decide

This new kind of advertisement gives users a chance to decide faster and easier whether to buy a product or not by testing it on Facebook. At first sight, these ads look like normal in-feed ads at the target audience’s smartphones, but they include a “tap to try it on” option, which activates the AR capabilities. Users are able to see how the products, for example, sunglasses or lipsticks, would look like on their own faces.

Traditionally people had to come to the stores to test it, now they can try it at home. Another potential scope is interior design. Marketers could use this new ad format to let users test how furniture would look like in their apartment.

Buy It, Share It, Send It

Facebook’s new functions make it even easier to finally put the purchase decision into action: The AR effects include the well-known call to action feature. If the customer likes the look of the product and wants to buy it, he can easily go ahead and buy it online just by clicking on the ad link.

Additionally, it allows users to share their experiences in their own Facebook story or to send it to their friends and family.

First Brands Testing Augmented Reality Ads

The first brand that is already testing the AR ads is Michael Kors. Users can try how Michael Kors sunglasses would look like on their face. Sephora, NYX Professional Makeup, Bobbi Brown, Pottery Barn, Wayfair and King are also working with this ad option. Within the next few weeks it will be up to more brands and other advertisers.

We’re curious to see how creative marketers will use this new function.

How would you use this kind of advertisement? Leave us a comment!

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