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Combating the Coffee-Ring Effect With New Printing Technique For Electronics

The coffee-ring effect is something we can observe every day. But what is just a slight annoyance for us, is a challenging issue for scientists. Now, a team of researchers has found a way to combat the hindering effect with new inks, thereby enabling large-scale printing of electronic devices with simple inkjet technology.

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Adidas Announces New Running Shoe from the 3D Printer

Adidas 3d printed shoe

New developments and ongoing collaborations result in the most advanced running shoes from the 3D printer to date. The new technology and the use of the special textile upper material not only promises many advantages for the athletes but also shows how a successful cooperation between creatives and manufacturers can be realised.

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#PrintingProfessions: Print and Media Technician

Printing Professions

A new month brings a new profession from the printing industry to be presented on our blog. In today's episode of our #PrintingProfessions series, we introduce you to further education for print and media technicians and answer the essential questions about this profession.

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