Luxury Brand Brunello Cucinelli Joins Forces With Epson: The Inauguration of PaperLab

No one would deny the fact that paper consumption in offices partakes in the growing waste issue. As a rule, half of a business’s total waste consists of paper waste which not only ends up in landfills later but also causes CO2 emissions. However, Brunello Cucinelli met the paper waste issue head-on. Having sealed the partnership with Epson, the high-fashion label welcomes their new “white-collar worker“: the in-office paper recycler PaperLab.

The Sustainable Multifunctional PaperLab

Epson, one of the world’s largest printing manufacturers, introduced the first in-office paper recycler to the world’s market. Epson‘s PaperLab has a recycling as well as an upcycling function. Furthermore, this multifunctional machine is water-free. As a result, the sustainable papermaking system goes hand in hand with the circular economy model. In other words, not only doesPaperLab recycle the materials but it also transforms them into new paper sheets via the upcycling process at low power usage

Moreover, safety measures in form of destroying sensitive content inscribed on each sheet make PaperLab more attractive for businesses since confidential sheets are shredded into dry cotton wool.

Towards a Circular Economy: The Symbiosis of Epson and Brunello Cucinelli

By 2030, Epson is set to reduce the supply chain emissions by more than two million tonnes, as stated in its 25 Renewed Corporate Vision. Having detected the core of the paper waste issue, the technology giant is convinced to transform offices into circular ecosystems first. Epson‘s determination as well as its approaches to sustainability towards a circular economy have opened up opportunities not only for a better future but also for a brand-new partnership with Brunello Cucinelli. Seeing eye to eye, the CEO of the luxury brand Riccardo Stefanelli is excited about the new alliance: 

“Brunello Cucinelli rests on the principle of humanistic capitalism, a key feature of which is living and creating in harmony with the natural world. I believe our collaboration with Epson will help us advance our values and goal to always honour human dignity and the environment. This collaboration supports our efforts to cherish and showcase areas of outstanding natural beauty and, with the aid of cutting-edge technology, we can also change from within and become truly sustainable.” 

By embracing sustainability, the worldwide renowned companies Epson and Bruno Cucinelli have set a good example for implementing a circular economy model into global businesses.

What are the next corporate alliances that will embark on this circular economy journey? Are there any business constellations that you would like to see in the near future? Let us know below in the comments.


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