drupa cube 2020: Eleven Days of Vision and Inspiration with Michael Gale

Michael Gale comes to drupa 2020 as drupa cube’s keynote speaker to “educate | engage | entertain”. Of course, he has packed the eleven days of the drupa Hot Spot with vision and inspiration for you. Let him explain why is committed to the print industry.

Michael Gale

With #drupa2020 just around the corner, we have some recommendations for you that you’ll want to be sure not to miss. We at drupa don’t just provide outstanding impulses for print, media, packaging production and industrial applications but also set the stage for networking opportunities and business dealings.

Among the highlights of world’s leading trade fair for printing technologies are the drupa Hot Spots such as touchpoint packaging, touchpoint 3D fab+print, touchpoint textile, dna – drupa next age or the PRINT & DIGITAL CONVENTION. Like at drupa 2016, the drupa cube will also be part of the show again!

Keynote Presentations, Business Evolution, Print Futures, Brand Stories and Executive Think Tanks

It’s programme is divided into five categories: Keynote Presentations as well as lecture sessions about Business Evolution, Print Futures, Brand Stories and Executive Think Tanks. The focus will be on innovative web-to-print and packaging technologies, the potential of a platform economy with more diversified sales channels and new collaboration models, as well as the changing expectations of connected customers in a social media culture.

Especially our keynote speakers Michael Gale and James Sommerville have eleven days of vision and inspiration planned for drupa visitors. In order to get everyone in the mood for the special show under the motto “engage | educate | entertain”, our innovation partner, bestselling author, Forbes Contributer, host of Forbes’ “Insights Futures in Focus” podcast, founder of Inc.digital and one of Thinkers360’s top 10 AI influencers Michael Gale explains:

“The print industry has undergone a remarkable technological transformation and can be hailed as a “best case scenario” in this respect – both in terms of changed processes and new business models. As we access new fields of application, acquire new technologies and capture new vertical markets, we are caught up in the maelstrom of this transition. The print industry must proactively embrace this change. Companies that go digital increase their profits up to five times faster than their competitors; companies that don’t follow this track will therefore find the going incredibly tough. Personally, I find this new market not only important but also very exciting and I’m eager to share my enthusiasm with others. In the drupa Cube, we are putting the spotlight on a number of examples and solutions designed to illustrate strategies for successful corporate management.”

Read the full announcement and learn more about the programme and speakers scheduled for the drupa cube on the website:


… or go to our website for more details on our drupa Hot Spots ➡ https://www.drupa.com/en/Visitors/drupa_Hot_Spots/Overview.

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