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With our recurring drupa Essentials of Print series, we deliver a series of articles, from designers, brand owners, printers, converters, journalists and influencers, providing them with a platform to share their opinions on the latest developments of the print industry.

Convergence of print markets: Is it inevitable?

Be it physical or online – drupa will further strengthen its pre-eminent position as the ‘Olympic Games’ of Printing, while at the same time highlighting the convergence of markets. In any case, the Düsseldorf trade show has not been limited to just commercial printing for a long time. The arrival of digital press manufacturers, and the successive expansion of their stands have already shown this. […]


[…] Digital printing has certainly transformed the print world. For a long time, it was restricted to printed documents and photocopying, then inkjet went after the label market first, followed by the narrow width packaging market or “small” format. At the same time, in the world of large and very large format, inkjet pushed the screen printing and even the offset process out of the most common jobs. […]


[…] Then there is human resource toll, where digital technology has erased the machine operator’s know-how, putting it on the pre-press, but has not erased the finishing expertise that will make all the difference. […]


[…] To wrap it up, regardless of the business, specialized printing has good days ahead of it, as it is not easy to diversify. It is undoubtedly easier to remain faithful to one’s basic business, to extend it to its maximum and above all to seek productivity gains. For this reason alone, there is nothing like being on the lookout for innovations. virtual.drupa will have a lot of them in store. […]

In his article „Convergence of print markets: Is it inevitable?“ from the drupa article series Essentials of Print Jean Poncet  goes into detail about why specialized printing has good days ahead of it.

About the Author:
Portrait of Jean PoncetJean Poncet is Editor-in-Chief of a range of titles, including: Etiq&Pack (France’s leading Printed Packaging magazine), S&E (the newspaper about Large Format), Pap’Argus (the monthly magazine about Paperboard), and Liquides & Conditionnement (the Liquid Food Container magazine).







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