drupa Essentials of Print: Régis Thienard

With our series drupa Essentials of Print, we provide printing professionals with a platform to share their views on industry-related topics.

“In 2016 we were supposed to “touch the future” and in 2020 we should really “embrace it” properly. For 2020, everyone is guessing that drupa will signal the victory of non-impact printing. For me, 2020 will be another inkjet drupa. The success of inkjet derives from and is embedded in the very nature of the technology which can be looked at across its key elements.
The growth here is significant and I am convinced that we are at a clear tipping-point for inkjet to become the dominant technology at drupa 2020. We will witness some revolutionary machines and see that there is almost no limit for inkjet.
We can be sure that drupa 2020 will bring such new applications to life. The motto “embrace the future” could well become “embrace inkjet as the future”. Disruptive innovations are on the move!
As I said in the introduction, drupa 2020 should embrace inkjet like never before. Inkjet is still a relatively new and fast-developing technology, the innovations taking place now and the ones to come will make it the dominant technology across all key printing applications and even beyond. So, as you prepare your trip to drupa in Düsseldorf, be open-minded and seek out especially the things that were not hitherto possible, because they will very soon be the ‘new normal’!”

In his article “What’s next in inkjet and the many reasons to adopt it” from the drupa article series Essentials of Print Régis Thienard explains why inkjet will play such an important role at drupa in detail.

About the Author:
Régis ThienardRégis Thienard is an inkjet specialist owning various inkjet patents and one of the JETVarnish inventors. He is a graphic industry specialist and consultant with a strong passion for printing and print-machine design.






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