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With our recurring drupa Essentials of Print series, we deliver a series of articles, from designers, brand owners, printers, converters, journalists and influencers, providing them with a platform to share their opinions on the latest developments of the print industry.

Woodworking surface decoration – Digital horizons within reach?

The woodworking industry is an example of the vast use of decorative surfaces in a range of applications. While it has existed for thousands of years, today this segment is mainly influenced by the construction industry, where many of these materials are used in the building and renovating of homes and commercial buildings. […]


[…] Digital printing can address the growing needs for short run as well as the need for operational efficiencies in longer run printing as well. This makes it ideal for direct customer suppliers as well as impregnators (High Pressure Laminates manufacturers) who are looking for differentiated product offers. […]


[…] All the solutions we noted thus far in this review are innovative and can produce a product quality that is consistent and will meet client demand for standard or customised products. However as with many manufacturing processes a clear understanding of production status, manufacturing line productivity and the profitability of the creation are critical. […]


[…] Given the realities of the market – a focus on mass customisation and a growing demand for sustainability, it is difficult not to see digital printing becoming more vital in woodworking. We expect to see continued growth in the woodworking industry as a whole – including categories like furniture – as digital printing moves closer toward becoming the standard. We will surely learn more about that at virtual.drupa. […]

In his article „Woodworking surface decoration – Digital horizons within reach?“ from the drupa article series Essentials of Print Ron Gilboa goes into detail about how innovations in inkjet printing in the areas of materials science and innovation software have made their way into the market along with other solutions.

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