New drupa Key-Visual Emphasizes Importance of The Fair in These Dynamic Times

We live in a time characterized by constant change. The climate crisis, new challenges in the world of work, and not to forget the still ongoing pandemic. All of this presents us with immense challenges, but also with huge opportunities that must be seized. The global changes are also reflected in the printing industry. So, like the world, drupa is in a constant state of flux and adapts to the current conditions every time. In order to do justice to the performance of the industry and the trade show and to honor its dynamism, a new key visual for #drupa2024 has been created.

Movement, People and Bloom

It visualizes the top topics of digitization and sustainability, which have long preoccupied the print and packaging industry and consists of three levels: that of movement, the level of people as well as the level of bloom. On the level of movement, the motion design symbolizes water, which is not only one of the most important resources of our planet, but also an essential part of the printing process. In the form of constantly dividing drops, it points to the theme of our time, namely sustainability. The organic shapes of the drops are also a reminder of digitization, which is increasingly connecting the industry and people.

“drupa is the global meeting place for the industry and stands for innovations and trends,”

emphasises Erhard Wienkamp, Managing Director of Messe Düsseldorf.

“Here we will see what impact the mega trends sustainability and digitalisation will have on processes, products, business models and the future of a constantly evolving industry.”


drupa as a Place of Diversity And a Space For Exchange

Connections are also the subject of the second level of the visual, which is dedicated to the people who make drupa what it is: a trade fair characterized by the honest enthusiasm of visitors and exhibitors. As a space for exchange, drupa is a place of diversity as well as a platform where the next generation of the printing and packaging industry is also driving the industry forward in new ways. The third level emphasizes the beauty of nature. Through the moving shapes, this level reflects the dynamics that are emblematic of both nature and the printing industry.

Thought Leaders Meet at drupa

Topics such as circular economy, automation, print/finishing 4.0, Artificial Intelligence, the platform economy and connectivity will play a central role in the conference agenda and at the special forums at the next drupa. With the new visual, drupa establishes its role as a meeting place for global industry leaders and experts who are considered thought leaders. The levels presented in the visual apply to the entire industry. In the future, drupa will continue to be a benchmark, a source of inspiration and a strong driving force for future developments.

What are your thoughts on the idea behind our new visual? We’d love your input on that. Feel free to leave a comment!

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