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Today our news roundup from the printing industry covers a look behind the scenes at a money printing facility, researchers’ optimism about 3d printed organs, Muller Martini’s plans for drupa 2016, packaging tips for e-commerce, Papergraphics’ digitally printable tablecloth and new on the drupa blog: Mobile publishing at a print show? Are you nuts?

A look behind the scenes at a money printing facility
Donald Trump made headlines recently when he said that America would always be able to pay its debts because the government can simply print more money. But where does the new money come from? The Dallas Morning News offers a fascinating view behind the scenes of a printing facility in Fort Worth, Texas, where about half the nation’s money is produced.
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Researchers say they are close to 3D printing organs
Researchers at the University of Texas San Antonio (UTSA) believe they’re very close to being able to print organs; something that could save countless lives. UTSA’s biomedical department recently bought a 3D printer that can print with material that holds stem cells. Dr. Teja Guda said regenerating bone and muscle tissue could become a reality within the next year. From there, the possibilities grow to organs like the kidney and liver. Helping potential organ recipients might still be about 10 years away, but he’s confident it will become a reality.
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Muller Martini to showcase hybrid print product finishing at drupa 2016
Offset and digital printing of magazines and books is one thing; the efficient print finishing of hybrid products is another. Under its drupa theme, Finishing 4.0, Muller Martini will demonstrate how signatures from both printing methods can be processed according to a smart workflow on a day-to-day basis. Hundreds of copies of over twenty different print products including a bilingual in-flight magazine will be produced live each day using no fewer than nine connected systems that demonstrate smart automation and touchless workflow.
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E-commerce packaging offers additional marketing opportunities
Customized packaging can influence the likelihood of repeat purchases, a survey among e-commerce customers says. According to the survey, 52 % of consumers are more likely to repeat an online purchase if it arrives in premium packaging and 40 % of consumers say they would share a picture of an online order via social media if it comes in a branded or gift-like box. Conversely, when materials look unsophisticated, lack branding, or don’t fit the style of the product, perceived value can drop. Another way to alienate customers is to ship a small item in a large box.
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Papergraphics launched a digitally printable tablecloth
Wide-format supplier Papergraphics has launched a new digitally printable table covering substrate. The 100 percent PVC table covers come in three finishes: linen weave, fine linen and a brushed texture and have a non-woven backing that adds a soft quality to the material, allowing it to be draped over any shape of table, the supplier said. The table covers come in 1.37 meter-wide rolls that are 25 meter long. They are suitable for latex, UV, eco-solvent and solvent ink technologies.
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New on the drupa blog: Mobile publishing at a print show?
Social messages are incredibly volatile and get discarded almost immediately. Anything online can be edited or deleted at the click of a button. But printed content gets written, proofread, edited, put in a graphics design, preflighted and eventually actually printed. Whether offset or digital print, the sheer technology adds extra value to the content a publisher wants to disseminate, says Rainer Kirschke, Business Manager Mobile Publishing at Agfa.
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