Future Links April 17th 2015

Today our news roundup from the printing industry covers 3D services for SME’s, start-ups challenging established 3D printer manufacturers, a new bill aimed at curbing copyright abuse, a new space-grade filament, new guides providing technical expertise, strong growth in the printed label market and Logson’s concentration on its key markets.

Small businesses go high-tech with 3D printing
Many small and midsize businesses are highly innovative but often lack the tools or budget to prototype their ideas and test their viability. When UPS stores in 50 locations offered 3D printing, small businesses took advantage of the offer. Now, UPS plans to expand the service.
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Cool start-ups challenge established 3D printer manufacturers
No doubt about it: Companies like 3D Systems or Stratasys that entered the field early had a clear advantage in gaining market share when 3D printing was no longer a small niche market. Now, a second wave of 3D printer manufacturers is coming up with new ideas and approaches, challenging the bigger players.
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New bill aims at curbing copyright abuse
As 3D printing is becoming more accessible in public libraries and printing hubs, the fears of copyright infringements are on the rise. A bill that would put copyright infringement warnings near printers in public libraries is being considered in California, and critics fear hasty legislation may stifle the industry.
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Made in Space releases space-grade filament
The Silicon Valley start-up Made in Space has been successful with its outlandish ideas: NASA has just received the first 3D printed parts made on a Made in Space printer on the International Space Station. And just in case its customers are planning a trip to Mars, Made in Space has now released its space-grade filament for land-bound printing enthusiasts.
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New guides provide technical expertise on industry issues
FESPA has introduced a new series of technical guides which are available free of charge for members of FESPA’s national associations. Two sets of guides are now available covering Color Management and Pre-Production Data Management. Additional guides will be published later this year.
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Strong growth expected for global printed label market
A new study from Smithers Pira titled “The Future of Label Printing Markets to 2019” predicts that the market will grow to 41.6 billion USD over the next 4 years. The study shows that Asia is the largest regional producer of labels, and its share will grow to more than 41 percent of the world’s value by 2019.
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Logson group is focusing on key markets
After the sale of Inspirepac to Smurfit Kappa, the corrugated specialist Logson group said it would continue to focus on its key markets. Insirepac’s acquisition was viewed as a move that provided value to Logson, Smurfit Kappa and the employees of Inspirepac.
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