Future Links April 20th 2015

Here are our daily links with the most important news from the printing industry. Today they feature Disney’s research aimed at printing soft toys, the FDA’s interest in 3D printing, HP’s plans for its new line of 3D printers, an interview with a color-management expert, Henkel’s acquisition of Novamelt, the growing demand for single-serve packages and International Paper’s additional UK distributor.

Disney’s researchers aim at printing soft toys
The entertainment company Disney could have taken the easy route with 3D printed plastic toys and still would have received bonus points for being innovative from the public. Instead, the company works with researchers from Carnegie Mellon University to come up with truly innovative ways to 3D print interactive plush toys.
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FDA takes a closer look at 3D printing
Could your 3D printer be a medical device? Imagine you are developing a printer that can print customized meals taking consumers’ blood pressure, nutritional status, food sensitivities and activity level into account. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has started paying attention to 3D printing as part of the growing field of personalized medicine.
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HP shares more details about its 3D printer series
After HP announced it would produce its own line of 3D printers instead of reselling printers made by Stratasys and have them market-ready by 2016, the public has been waiting for more details. Now, HP said that the first HP 3D printers will be aimed at small and midsize businesses and so-called service bureaus, which are businesses that print one-off 3D parts or projects for other businesses that want to see what their ideas look like in 3D.
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Color-management expert sees new metrics ahead
In an interview on FESPA’s website, color-management expert Dorin Pitigoi states that in the industrial landscape, it is important that a minimum set of parameters are agreed to define the visual characteristics and technical properties that the end product may have. He says a new set of parameters may arise to supplement or replace existing standards.
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Henkel acquires Novamelt
Novamelt, a supplier of hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive to markets such as the label and tape industry, is being acquired by Henkel. The owners of Novamelt signed a agreement and stated that the deal will benefit customers and employees of Novamelt.
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Good things come in small packages
Bigger is better? Not necessarily. In food, beverage, health and beauty packaging, smaller, single-serve packages are gaining traction. Consumer lifestyles are driving the trend toward smaller packs, with numerous factors such as smaller households, eating on the go, a desire for freshness and reducing leftovers playing a role.
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International Paper adds UK distributor after Paperlinx collapse
International Paper, the world’s largest paper and packaging company, has announced its intent to add another distributor for its leading flagship paper brand HP Everyday Papers in the UK market. The HP Everyday Papers range is currently stocked and distributed in the UK by paper merchant Antalis, and had also been available through merchant Paperlinx.
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