Future Links April 23rd 2015

Today our news roundup from the printing industry covers Tiko’s low cost 3D printer, a new cooler method for printing transistors, insights from MakerBot’s new boss, a new process for printing advanced materials, eye-catching print displays to connect with customers, Agfa’s new security software and McDonald’s anti-deforestation initiative.

Tiko promises 3D printer for 179 USD
Is this too good to be true or a real breakthrough? Tiko is offering a 3D printer in unique design for early backers on Kickstarter for 179 USD. People seem to be intrigued, even if the printer will only be available in November – overshooting its goal of 100,000 USD, Tiko raised 2.5 million USD with eight days to go.
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Cooler temperature allows for flexible printed transistors
Printing transistors is nothing new – silicon fabrication is, after all, essentially a print process – but printing silicon ink onto flexible substrates is usually a problem because there’s too much heat for the medium to handle. Researchers at the Delft University of Technology have found a way to cool the process and print transistors only plastic and other materials.
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MakerBot’s new boss shares his insights
Jonathan Jaglom, who became CEO of MakerBot in February, believes that 3D printing is moving from the industrial to the personal space, which would be favorable for his company, which makes desktop 3D printers. He also emphasizes the software component of his company as well as the Thingiverse design library.
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Hot End Works pushes advanced materials
New processes and technologies are emerging within the 3D printing industry and along with it new materials are being used. One company that pushed the boundaries is Hot End Works. Its pressurized spray technology is used in its soon-to-launch 3D printer, the HDfab, which will be able to fabricate objects using advanced materials and ceramics such as zirconia, zluminum nitride, and tungsten carbide.
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Eye-catching print displays help connect with customers
Billboards and posters sometimes blend into the background but customized large format print display can still enchant and surprise consumers. One recent example is Cadbury Ireland’s Easter egg display.
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Agfa releases details about its new security software
Agfa has announced details of its Fortuna 9 design software for high-end security printing, which will come on line in the next few months. The tools included in the new release focus on productivity and ease of use for high-security printing designs for passports, identity documents, high-security cards, tax stamps, security documents and lottery tickets.
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McDonald’s commits to anti-deforestation initiative
Deforestation is a severe global problem, reducing biodiversity and contributing to climate change. The fast-food chain McDonald’s has announced it will focus on sustainable sourcing for all of its products, focusing especially on beef, fiber-based packaging, coffee, palm oil, and poultry.
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