Future Links April 26th

Here are our daily links with the most important news from the printing industry. Today they feature Martens Brewery printing directly onto a beer bottle, automakers exploring ways to use 3D printing, MakerBot outsourcing 3D printer production to China, Ardagh’s 3.4 billion USD acquisitions, Zoxxbox and the benefits of personalized packaging, DuPont’s plans for drupa 2016 and new on the drupa blog: Inspiration and innovation in some 60 keynotes

Martens Brewery introduces beer bottles without a label
Martens Brewery has shown creative ways to use its bottles as a marketing tool in the past. Now, the brewery introduces its first green PET beer bottle without a label. The information is printed directly onto the bottle. This enables the brewery to do short runs and also to change decorations very quickly.
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Automakers are exploring ways to put 3D printing to good use
Car manufacturers see the potential of 3D printing to transform the industry. Yet at this stage, it is not clear for which processes and on what scale the technology will provide real benefits. The entire auto industry thus is looking for ways that 3D printing could be used in production to save, for example, on expensive tooling costs. But with the amount of time it takes to print the parts, the process is still believed be more costly than traditional methods at present.
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Makerbot is outsourcing 3D printer production to China
Makerbot is no longer manufacturing its own 3D printers, according to media reports. Over the course of the next six months, the company will transition the building of its 3D printers and other products to Jabil, a contract manufacturer with facilities in China. As a result, the company will shut down its manufacturing operations in the Industry City complex in Brooklyn, NY, and will part ways with an undisclosed number of staffers. The headquarters of the company will remain in Brooklyn.
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Ardagh seals 3.4 billion USD acquisitions
It is hailed as a landmark deal: Irish packaging giant Ardagh has agreed to pay 3.4 billion USD for assets being sold by rivals Rexam and Ball in what will be its biggest acquisition to date. The deal gives Ardagh its first foothold in the beverage can sector. It already makes glass bottles for wine and beer, as well as metal products such as kegs, anti-perspirant containers, and seafood containers, for a range of brands such as Carlsberg, John West, Nescafe Gold Blend, Nivea and Heineken.
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Case study: Zoxxbox and the benefits of personalized packaging
Personalized and customized printing capabilities are the key to new business opportunities, many experts claim. But how can companies capitalize on these opportunities? A case study showing how packaging company Zoxxbox uses digital printing and personalization to its advantage offers interesting insights.
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DuPont shows newest advanced printing solutions at drupa 2016
DuPont is highlighting DuPont Cyrel EASY flexographic printing plate technology and its newest equipment offering at the DuPont stand at drupa 2016. Cyrel EASY simplifies the prepress process by building the flat top digital dot directly into the plate, resulting in increased productivity and consistency, according to the company. Visitors to the show will be able to view the complete Cyrel EASY plate portfolio, which is available for thermal and solvent-free processes with engineered surface or smooth surface.
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New on the drupa blog: drupa cube 2016 program
Boasting some 60 keynote speeches, panel discussions and presentations drupa cube, the event and congress destination at drupa 2016 (Hall 6, Stand D03), is a-buzz with know-how, inspiration and innovation.
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