Future Links April 30th 2015

Here are our daily links with the most important news from the printing industry. Today they feature Lowe’s 3D printing kiosk, the efforts to develop new clean powder for additive manufacturing, BMW’s 3D printed racecar parts, a new organization focused on bio-based materials, the benefits of using technology in packaging design, the future of business cards and the most innovative printed electronics processes and products.

Lowe’s introduces 3D printing kiosk
The U.S. retailer has a history of embracing innovations and adapting them to fit their customer base. The newest addition: 3D printing. The simple design kiosk breaks 3D printing down into three steps where users can select a product, customize the design and print it in the material of their choice.
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Clean powders for additive manufacturing receive government funding
LPW Technology, a manufacturer of powders for metal 3D printing has been awarded 3 million British Pounds in funding from the UK government. The funds will drive the development of super-clean powders of novel composition made using non-conventional powder production processes.
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BMW uses 3D printing for water pump wheels
The German carmaker BMW has used additive manufacturing for several parts and projects. Now, BMW is getting ready for the current season of the German Touring Car Masters (DTM) and in doing so, is also celebrating the production of their 500th water pump wheel that was made using additive manufacturing technology.
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Strengthening the voice of the circular economy
The Board of the Biobased and Biodegradable Industries Association (BBIA), the newly-established trade body created to strengthen the voice of the circular bioeconomy sector in the UK, has elected new officers for the 2015-16 term. Andy Sweetman, Jens Hamprecht, John Williams and Tony Breton have been chosen for the positions of Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Technical Director and Treasurer, respectively.
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Packaging design innovation yields benefits
Using technology like eye tracking to drive innovation in package design can pay off for brand owners. Jim Harmon of Nielsen Innovation’s Practice in North America shares some insights of how technology and measuring can improve the process as well as the results.
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Why business cards are here to stay
Many pundits have said that business cards are going out of style. In the digital age, the smart phone seems to be the preferred device for sharing and storing contact information. Not so fast, some say. Business cards still have value and can be a great marketing and presentation tool.
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Creators of innovative printed electronics processes receive awards
The IDTechEx Printed Electronics Awards recognized a number of companies and research institutes for their advancements in printed electronics processes and products. Among the winners were the Iwb Application Center of Augsburg that was awarded for combining 3D printing with printing electronics.
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