Future Links April 8th

Here are our daily links with the most important news from the printing industry. Today they feature the use of 3D printing in complex surgery, growth predictions for the packaging print market, tips on how to transition to digital printing technology, a 3D printed Toyota engine, better packaging for online shopping, Ivor Solution’s print academy and a study about the emotional responses to packaging.

Doctors 3D print skull to prepare for surgery
3D printing is not only a cool technology, it also has the potential to save lives. Doctors at the University of Michigan’s C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital 3D printed the skull of a teenager with a complex tumor in his head. To assess whether minimally invasive surgery could access the entire tumor, the surgeons printed a 3D model of a part of the patient’s head on which they could test what is and is not possible.
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The global printing market for packaging expected to grow rapidly
According to the latest research study by Technavio, the global printing market for packaging is expected to reach over 575 billion USD by 2020. The flexographic segment remains the largest segment for the global printing market for packaging despite economic downturns of 2009 and competition from digital printing. Rotogravure is still the second largest segment but disadvantages associated with rotogravure printing like longer press runs have resulted in a shift toward flexography and digital printing processes, which have shorter press runs with faster turnaround times.
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How to transition to digital printing technology
In a blog article, Mike Zink, Senior Marketing Specialist for Workflow Solutions at Canon Solutions America details steps to optimize the transition to digital printing technologies. They include needs analysis, integration services, support solutions and integration and training.
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Better packaging improves online grocery shopping experience
In grocery stores, the way fresh food is displayed plays an important role and how appetizing and desirable consumers perceive the produce. Online groceries don’t have this opportunity to communicate with their consumers. That is why packaging plays an increasingly important role in conveying the freshness and nutritional value of the ingredients and meals that are delivered to the customers.
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Ivor Solution starts print academy
The software developer and printer Ivor Solution has created a print academy for print sales training courses for people and groups including trade associations. The academy is geared toward people who have a background in print but lack technical expertise. In addition to attending seminars and learn more about the technical side of the business, clients could also use the academy to hold sales meetings with their customers.
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Study of facial expressions shows emotional value of packaging
Breakthrough research using facial movement analysis reveals significant differences in how consumers respond emotionally to various protective packaging types. Results show that protective packaging has an impact on human emotion, product perception and lifetime customer value. The first-of-its-kind protective packaging research, conducted by Packaging InSight on behalf of Pregis LLC, evaluated responses from 123 participants.
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